Want to post a last-minute impromptu ride? Want to be updated about impromptu rides? We’re starting a WhatsApp group for just this purpose. We’re calling these rides “Flash Rides” because they’re so spur-of-the-moment. It’s wonderful because a text can be sent out once and everyone gets it instantaneously. If a ride is cancelled, a text can be sent out to notify the group.

Everyone who wants to be part of this group need to download WhatsApp (it’s free) to their phone. Once this is done, they can email Faye their phone # and be added to the group. WhatsApp, once loaded, can be access through WiFi or data.

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Bike wheels in snowIs the lack of Vitamin D getting you down? Let’s combat the darkness with a festive Christmas lights ride around town. Maintain your cardio while everyone else is swilling eggnog. The ride will wend its way around town from east to west, hitting all the highlights before ending at the mother of all light displays at Van Dusen Gardens. Dinner at Van Dusen or Main and 29th for those needing to defrost with a hot beverage. Dress for the weather as there may be some stopping to oo and ah.

When: 5pm

Where: meet at JJ’s Coffee on Commercial and 6th Ave

Who: RSVP Teresa

How long: Click Here for route; 30ish km at leisure pace

What: Canceled in the event of rain, snow, other events of Biblical proportions

Cost: $15 to enter Van Dusen, optional

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The Ride: Believe it or not, the forecast calls for a decent day.  It’s time to enjoy some of Richmond’s longer riverside stretches with its awesome views and light traffic.

The Route: The route will take us south on Heather, across the Canada Line bridge, east on River Road, then south on 7 and Sidaway, then ride west on Dyke Road to Steveston for a yummy lunch at one of the VBC’s favourite pubs: The Buck & Ear. Click HERE.

Meet:  10:00am at Tandem Bike Cafe at Heather & 16th

Distance:  approx. 60km. return

Ride coordinator:  Andrea C.

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The ride leaves from Terra Breads near seance world (that dark arts place) over the  Lions Gate bridge and then along Marine Drive to Horseshoe Bay. Stop for a bite (MMMM! Fish and Chips.) and then return via the same route. We do not follow Andrea’s route that seemed to alternate between Marine and the Upper levels. This makes for a flat route, (I think, anyone know of any hills along Marine?)






Meet: At the Olympic Village Terra Breads at 10:00

Route:  Click HERE

Distance:  Approx. 65 km. round trip

Ride coordinator:  colin

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Zero Avenue

Photo:Empty road calling your name. 

Here’s your chance to lead the ride you’ve always wanted to try.

All remaining December and January weekends are up in the air and waiting for ride leaders.

Note: Ride posts by Teresa may show up last minute as she plans to ski if conditions are right.

Email Teresa to have your ride posted.

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Regular Weekly Rides

Wednesday Night Pie Rides


The ride: We zip around the edges of Vancouver. Starting from Canada Place we climb to Prospect Point in Stanley Park, then along Beach to Science World, across to Kits, and out to UBC and back home along the bike routes of Kits.

A fast, but friendly ride with several stops to collect everyone.

Meet: EVERY Wednesday at 4:30 PM at Canada Place (west side). (Ride depends on the weather.)

Distance: About 20 to 50 km, depending on how far you ride.

Pace: Multi-paced – please wait at pre-determined spots for others.

Contact: Henry H. at hulbert AT vcn.bc.ca


Helmets are required on all VBC rides and tours.