Fish and Chips!

It’ll be hard to top the whisky-soaked Robbie Burns weekend, but I’ll try, using the tried-and-true cure for low spirits: fried food. There’s never a bad time for fish and chips, especially after biking, or a wind-storm during which your craving for such was denied. This ride goes out to the Cockney King in New Westminster. For those who care about their health, there are non-fried options. This is a no-drop ride and falls in the middle of being classified as leisure or medium. It is weather-dependent, so check the website Saturday at 8AM in case of cancellation.

Meet: JJ’s Coffee Shop on 6th and Commercial at 10:00AM

Route: the reverse of  this route here but possible return via Fraser Way, past Avalon Dairy-can there be a more perfect ride?

Pace: 20-25km/hr

Leader: Teresa

2 Responses to “Saturday, February 3- Fish and Chips New West (Easy Medium or Hard Leisure)”
  1. teresaot says:

    A dozen of us traversed Burnaby and New West on our quest for fried foods, a ride that culminated in the least satisfying descent in the history of bicycling. Why? The long hill down to the restaurant was punctuated by stop signs or red lights every 2 blocks. All complaining aside, we got our fish and chips fix and got home before the rain started. Despite shortening the ride, I still clocked in over 50km. Many thanks for those who put up with my exploration of alternatives to riding on Stewardson Way, which resulted in a dead end. Trapp Avenue lives up to its name.

    A big welcome to Nick, on his first VBC ride. Thanks for letting me photograph your food. I’m not proud of it.

    Thanks to Dov for sweeping this ride, and Colin for sweeping previous rides. Makes herding a breeze.
    Enjoy the photos:

  2. Jay C says:

    Thanks for leading a fun ride. Weather cooperated with us and the food was good. But best of all we had a great group of riders.

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