It’s been a while since I’ve led a ride to Surrey and Langley, which offers more than we expect. Hopefully there will be lots of pastoral beauty to behold. After some tweaking, I will omit the Fraser Hwy section but it means more twists and turns. And as much as I enjoy wet shoes from creek-crossings, I will omit that too. If you smell smoke, that’s my brain burning. Lunch will be at JD Farms. If people are open to it, we can also stop at Kraus Berry Farm for dessert, as it’s on the way. We return via the swooping descent across the Port Mann bridge into Coquitlam, where the ride ends at Braid Skytrain. Make sure you bring enough warm clothes/snacks/water/tools/spare tubes to get you through the ride. Expect pauses for wayfinding. Mostly paved road with the ever-hopeful possibility of gravel. NB: I repeat, the start and end points are not the same! Click on the route link for details. Ride is weather dependent.

Meet: 10AM King George Skytrain station, eastern terminus of the Expo line

Route: click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

6 Responses to “Sunday September 23 – Langley Farm Ride – Medium”
  1. Sharon L says:

    Hi Teresa
    Love to join you.
    Feeling strong after my Oregon Coast challenging ride with several 100 km.+ days.
    If I cannot keep up, I will return home with the help of Google maps.

  2. Sharon L says:

    Just uploaded GPS route to my phone

  3. tslevi says:

    Still a go? (I have to head to the skytrain soonish)

  4. Sharon L says:

    TS I am going. Weather looks o.k. to me.

  5. Colin S says:

    Thank you Teresa for leading such a great (and dry (with good food (and YUMMY pie))) ride!!! Definitely a highlight of the year.

  6. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the 13 riders who joined me today. It started out under ominous clouds and a fair amount of drizzle, which was mercifully short. The tire gods weren’t as forgiving: there was an unprecedented 4 flats today. On the other hand, highlights include lunch at JD Farms, followed by a shared peach blackberry pie at Kraus Berry Farm. All the flavour with none of the guilt. We saw all manner of animal, vegetable and mineral along the ride. The sun came out eventually…on the Skytrain home. Riders more rugged than me rode home. Kudos to you.

    A big welcome to Kathy on her first VBC ride. Congrats to Tommy for becoming a full-fledged member.

    Enjoy the photos. There’s one pic that begets the question: Who’s the better half?

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