It’s been a while since I’ve led a ride to Surrey and Langley, which offers more than we expect. Hopefully there will be lots of pastoral beauty to behold. I will omit the Fraser Hwy section but it means more twists and turns. If you smell smoke, that’s my brain burning. Lunch will be at JD Farms. If people are open to it, we can also stop at Kraus Berry Farm for dessert, as it’s on the way. We return via the swooping descent across the Port Mann bridge into Coquitlam, where the ride ends at Braid Skytrain. Make sure you bring enough warm clothes/snacks/water/tools/spare tubes to get you through the ride. Expect pauses for wayfinding. Mostly paved road with sections of gravel. NB: I repeat, the start and end points are not the same! Click on the route link for details. Ride is weather dependent.

Many thanks to Rocket Rob and Justin for advising on the route.

Meet: 10AM King George Skytrain station, eastern terminus of the Expo line

Route: click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

2 Responses to “Saturday May 6 – Langley Farm Ride – Medium”
  1. Grant says:

    Thank you Teresa for an entertaining ride. Good hills, good flat roads, and the best part was crossing a stream.
    Crossing streams is an art at the best of times, but with bicycle shoes, slippery logs and a bicycle it really makes it a
    challenge. Lunch was really good and the weather wasn’t that bad, we missed all the heavy showers. My bike is a mess!
    Thanks again I really had a good time today, and last week also.

  2. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the 11 intrepid cyclists who joined me on this adventure. There were 2 stream crossings; only one involved a bridge. The other required fording through rocks and logs that made you feel like a trapper pioneer or a convict on the lam. That was just the first 15 mintues. Once again, Karen had the right bike for the terrain: a hardtail 29er. There were ominous clouds that threatened to break but never did, save a few drops and only on Colin. The scenery did not fail to please. We had the planned lunch at JD Farms but Krause Berry Farm was closed, justifying another ride, sans the convoluted turns.

    A big welcome to new rider Meghan who missed us at the start but managed to meet us at lunch.

    Many thanks to Colin for sweeping.


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