Udon noddle soup

Update: Meet at 11AM, not 10AM, at JJ’s. No need to contract pneumonia. 

I don’t know about you, but all these VBC food rides are going to give me diabetes. But I love them! You might want to fast before and after, as it’s common to overeat at this popular event. Join us on a ride over to the Japanese Language School for their bi-annual fundraiser bazaar, complete with a variety of homemade Japanese food for sale. Bring a strong lock, tools, spare tube and know how to use them. Ride runs rain or shine.

Meet: 10 11 AM at JJ’s Coffee on 6th and Commercial

Route: less than 30km, goes out to Stanley Park, ends at Alexander and Jackson

RSVP the Leader: Teresa

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  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Will and Cameron for joining me on this wet, woolly ride of Biblical proportions. We paddled around the east side of Stanley Park before heading to the school. Will showed us how it’s done in boots that doubled as hip waders. At the school, we feasted on udon noodle soup, temaki cones, and maki rolls big enough to compete with dosas for top food baton, in mass if not length. Mine will act as door stops until I’m ready to eat them.

    I don’t know why everyone’s smiling, but here’s proof: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DHDFftKAuOQ0h11g1

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