Update March 4: Please note the date change. 

Join me on another excellent adventure! We will be heading into Richmond again but in reverse. Steveston will not be a stop this time so we can head directly to the Fraser where eagles roam. After traversing along the farmland of Richmond, we will be heading to Tugboat Annie’s to refuel for our trip home. The ride is mostly flat with the climb up the Queensborough and along the BC Parkway. There will be long stretches of flat riding for the roadies!

Meet: 10AM at Terra Breads in Olympic Village

Route: 67km, click here

RSVP the leader: Faye

4 Responses to “Saturday March 19 – Tugboat Annie’s – Medium”
  1. Faye L says:

    What a perfect day for a ride with 8 strong riders. A blistering pace was set by Colin. We were at Tugboat Annie’s almost before the key was out of the lock! Thank you to everyone who came especially the women, Pat and Sarah. A special shout out goes to all the co-leaders. In alpha order, they are Andrea, Cam, Colin and Marty. Thank you ALL for making this a super fun ride and see everyone next time!

  2. Faye L says:

    Oops, forgot to mention….yes, you guessed it. Toby got a flat! Luckily, it was just outside the pub. I think run flat tubes should be on the shopping list.

  3. Cam_S says:

    Thank you Faye!
    That was a nice ride. We all managed to get home before the rain started.
    Toby’s bad tire karma struck again. But the flat repair was very speedy, because we had four people working on it. Think “Indy car pit stop” fast.
    Kelly took some pictures. Please, tell him to post some.

  4. teresaot says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there. I had something more nerdtastic to go to. What I can do is post Kelly’s photos: