It’s time to test your conditioning! The ride cuts onto Marine Drive in West Vancouver which we then follow to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay. Riders have been known to turn back here. Keep going, it’s a great ride to Roberts Creek and lunch at the Gumboot Cafe (yum!). The hills are nice and rolling, (OK, some are short and steep) and one long one out of Gibsons. Teresa introduced me to this ride, and I thought it was great. We’ll have an early start in order to try and catch the 9:40 AM ferry.

Route: click here, distance 90+km

Meet: 730AM at Terra Breads in the Athlete’s Village

Please RSVP ride leader Colin if you plan to come.

Bring: your BC Ferries Experience card (or so Teresa says), snacks, water, extra tube and basic tools for repairs.


2 Responses to “Sunday June 26 – Roberts Creek (Sunshine Coast) long medium”
  1. Grant says:

    Thanks Colin for a really good workout (bike ride) and the beer at the end topped it all off.

  2. teresaot says:

    There were quite a few riders on this ride, which gave us a chance to discuss in great depth which culture had the most disgusting food to offer. Even cannibalism was on the table, no pun intended. Are there no bounds to a cyclist’s gustatory depravity? I go for the rides, but stay for the education.

    Thanks to Colin for leading. I consider this one of the most challenging local rides available. Next time we’ll have to try out Andrea’s route.

    Thanks to Kelly for photos. I’ll add to them as able.

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