The recently-completed Evergreen Skytrain line opens up new terrain to the east for leisure riders. this ride will be an easy ride to explore the shores of the Coquitlam, Pitt and Fraser rivers, that are now easily accessible with transit. Most of the route will be on hard-pack gravel of paths and dykes, but passable with a broad range of equipment. We will have lunch in Port Coquitlam at a location to be disclosed (suggestions  welcome). Ride will be cancelled if beset by monsoons or other unpleasant weather, and a notice will be posted by 8am on the day of the ride (and message on WhatsApp to VBC Group).


Distance: approx. 25km of flat riding (route to be posted – but it will be something like), with an option to ride back toward Vancouver along the Central Valley Greenway for those craving some extra exersion.

Meet: Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station at 10:30am.

Leader: Naiden (and Will), if you let me know you are planning to come, I will make sure there is space for you at lunch.



5 Responses to “Saturday, 18 February – Leisure Ride from the Evergreen Line”
  1. Dianna says:

    Crap. We woke to rain this morning. Please reschedule this wonderful ride again.

  2. Faye L says:

    Six riders took advantage of this inaugural ride from the Evergreen Line. We set off under grey skies. It was a wonderful, relaxing and uneventful Winter ride until Toby had a flat. I guess his number came up (again!) and the gravel didn’t help. Luckily, it happened at the end. After a hearty Mexican lunch, we took the Evergreen Line back home. Except Kelly, he rode to and from the starting point. Thank you Will and Naiden for leading us into the natural beauty of Poco.

  3. Will says:

    Uncertain weather seems to have been among the reasons that fewer people rode than usual, but the six of us who braved a little spitting and a lot of gravel got amazing views of herons and rivers and warm Mexican food to finish with. Evergreen Line worked great, although it added quite a bit of time to the day. Naiden and I will lead another ride out this way when weather is more predictable. Kelly took a photo of us all at lunch, but neither of us know how to add to the post…

  4. teresaot says:

    I detect a teaching moment. Register with any photo sharing website (Flickr, Photobucket, Google Photos, etc.). Upload photos. Get link of photos. Post on website. Embarrass friends and family.

    Don’t send them to me; I censor ruthlessly.

  5. Colin S says:

    There were actually 8 on the ride. Dorothy and I arrived late and never did catch up. We did, however, do the ride.

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