Saturday, 21 January 2017 – Leisure Ride and Post-Ride Robbie Burns Warmup

Hoping that our unseasonably seasonal weather has passed by then, an easy ride around UBC ending with a roll down West 8th Avenue ending at my home in Kitsilano for some warming treats, mostly of the baked variety. If you do not appreciate the gluten, I will have some grain-based products that have been purified by a well-known distillation process (that may leave you among the baked varieties). As we will then be in the week prior to the celebration of the 258th anniversary of the birth of Robbie Burns (25 January 1759), we may all lift a glass in remorse that poor Robbie died just 21 years before the invention of the bicycle. If you cannot join the ride, but do not want to miss the bacchanalia, let me know and I will provide you with my address by email. As everyone knows, if you find yourself unable to ride home, you run the risk of suffering Colin’s fate of leaving a bicycle in my “shed of iniquity”.

I will cancel the ride if road conditions do not allow a safe or comfortable ride and amend this post to so indicate by 8am on the ride date (and I will send a message on WhatsApp).

Ride: Approximately 25kn; details of the route to be determined based on road conditions and I will post an update prior to the ride.

Meet: 11am at Arbutus Coffee (2200 Arbutus St. at West 6th Avenue).

Leader: Naiden (and Will), please let me know if you are coming so I can stock adequate provisions.

As with all VBC rides, bring your helmet, but leave your haggis and bag pipes at home.