The Ride: We will try our luck for a decent day to enjoy some of Richmond’s longer riverside stretches. The views are awesome and traffic is light on weekends.

The Route: The route will take us on 10th, south on Heather, across the Canada Line bridge, east on River Road, then south on 7 and Sidaway, then ride west on Dyke Road to Steveston for a yummy lunch at one of the VBC’s favourite pubs: The Buck & Ear. Click HERE.

Meet:  At Tandem Bike Cafe at 1000 (note start time back to 10am)

Distance:  60 km. return

Ride coordinator:  Andrea C.

2 Responses to “Sunday, Mar. 12:  Richmond Express (Medium)”
  1. Sharon L says:

    Ciao Andrea
    Please phone me about a personal Italian matter;would appreciate your advice.
    Thanks, Andrea.
    Didn’t know about yr. ride tomorrow and rode to Bosa foods with Teresa today. Good ride, but a little damp.
    Sharon 778 878 1068

  2. ac says:

    Should have called this ride Déjà vu. It was almost a repeat of the last time we tried a Richmond Express. There was rain, wind and not much else – actually it wasn’t that bad a all. Six plus one riders braved the elements headed for a quick Iona Island run, then to the Beaver for lunch – never disappointing.
    Thanks to all for joining and… we’ll try the express one more time.

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