What makes it special…well there will actually be pie, but wait there’s more…much, much more!

This event has been almost 200 years in the making – come ride around the edges of our fine city to celebrate the coming second centenary of the invention of the proto-bicycle; the patent for the Draisine was filed by German Baron Karl Christian Ludvig Drais von Sauerbronn on 2 June 1817. The Draisine was called the Laufmashine by Karl, who had a knack for monikers, but was also known as the “running machine”, the “hobby horse” and eventually the “Dandy Horse”, but don’t worry you will be able to bring a bike with pedals to this ride (and don’t forget your helmet, patch kit, water bottle, snack, chain breaker, etc, etc.).

I am thinking that we will meet at our usual pie ride gathering spot (at the flag poles at the plaza at Canada Place) at the usual time (5:30pm) and ride part of our usual ride, but stop in Kitsilano at my home for some pie and a short part of a Buster Keaton silent movie in which old stoneface actually rides a Draisine (yeah, I know, but the pie is free!). There will be a second piece of pie for anyone who rides a bike older than the safety bicycle I will be riding – and an entire pie for anyone who rides the whole route on a Draisine, an Ordinary bicycle or even a boneshaker.

Please email Will  if you are able to come so I can make sure there is enough pie. If you are not sure where I live, you can be sure you do not miss a turn or I can provide that information by email.

I was wondering if the ride should be 200km to mark the auspicious date…but then I woke up…

4 Responses to “A Special Pie Ride! This Wednesday May 31 at 5:30pm”
  1. jillmm says:

    Raindrops falling from heaven/Will never serve to discourage me/We’ll do our pieing in the rain…

  2. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Will who led 5 of us on a true pie ride, complete with real pie with real calories. Even though it rained, we did our usual around Stanley Park and carried on to his house. To honour the draisine anniversary, he had a projection running of a movie in which one appears briefly. Although noone showed up on a draisine today, for which your gonads will thank you, there were funky bikes in attendance. There was not one, but 3 kinds of pie which we enjoyed over tea and Buster Keaton’s antics. It was an embarrassment of Wednesday night riches.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMJfoHx05JmajivGijaa2KU_D1NDZB-oNF0NTtSmm7nmxi8wfghS1uADZcNVvj_OQ?key=UDliaFBvN29wd2tyc0sxaGFBMlBwekVuaHFUVmp3

  3. Will says:

    Tom, Naiden and I are all very pleased that you enjoyed “Our Hospitality” (also the name of the Buster Keaton movie, on Youtube – the Draisine appears around 9:00).

  4. Colin S says:

    Thanks for a fun evening!!

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