Sunday June 2 -202nd Bicycle Invention Anniversary Ride and Party – Leisure

This event has been 202 years in the making – come ride to celebrate the invention of the proto-bicycle; the patent for the Draisine was filed by German Baron Karl Christian Ludwig Drais von Sauerbronn of Baden on 2 June 1817. The Draisine was called the Laufmashine by Karl, who had a knack for monikers, but was also known as the “running machine”, the “hobby horse” and eventually the “Dandy Horse”, but don’t worry you will be able to bring a bike with pedals to this ride (and don’t forget your helmet, patch kit, water bottle, snack, chain breaker, etc, etc.). You may even have a saddle that is not made of wood!

Following the ride you are invited to come to Will’s home for lunch. Please email Will  if you are able to come so he can make sure there is enough to eat. If you are not sure where, you can be sure you do not miss a turn or I can provide that information by email. As usual, Will will provide food but only drinks that disappoint many, so you may bring your own. N.b., please do not bring food, snacks or treats.

Meet: 10am Sunday, 2 June at Arbutus Coffee

I was wondering if the ride should be 202km to mark the auspicious date…but then I woke up…tentative route (less than 23km): here, but I am thinking that depending on numbers we may also have a medium route for those who want more.

Weather: in the event of messy weather the event will be ON, but the ride will be adjusted.