Saturday, September 16 ride will not be heading all the way to Persepolis (see above), but we are going to Zeitoon for Persian food in North Vancouver!  Details in route below (with thanks to Marty for the route through North Van to minimize the climbing – I reserve the right to adjust the route back if my rough planning is not a good way back to the Ironworkers Bridge).

Meet: Saturday, September 16 10AM at the coffee shop at Arbutus and West 6th Ave (or 10:30am at North end of Lions Gate bridge and be ready to join the riders who will be passing this point around 10:45am)

Route: 33.5km (incl. return ride). will follow this route. I am told that there is some gravel on the route through parks in North Van, but I will be riding a tandem with an 11-year-old with skinny-ish tires.

RSVP: email to Will

September  30 and October 14 rides rides will also be around 30-40km in length with a break near the middle involving food. Average speeds will be in the mid-teens/hr. Everyone’s welcome; no one will be dropped. Bring the tools and parts you will reasonably need for the kind of mishaps that sometimes occur on bike rides, and water if you are a carbon-based life form.


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  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Will and Marty for leading at least a dozen riders into North Van and not Alexandria, as the photo would suggest. No oceans were crossed for this ride. The weather was reminiscent of the Middle East: warm and dry. Great choice in Persian food, with cyclist-sized portions, as the photos would attest:

    Looking forward to future rolling food adventures.

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