Bike wheels in snowIs the lack of Vitamin D getting you down? Let’s combat the darkness with a festive Christmas lights ride around town. Maintain your cardio while everyone else is swilling eggnog. The ride will wend its way around town from east to west, hitting all the highlights before ending at the mother of all light displays at Van Dusen Gardens. Dinner at Van Dusen or Main and 29th for those needing to defrost with a hot beverage. Dress for the weather as there may be some stopping to oo and ah.

When: 5pm

Where: meet at JJ’s Coffee on Commercial and 6th Ave

Who: RSVP Teresa

How long: Click Here for route; 30ish km at leisure pace

What: Canceled in the event of rain, snow, other events of Biblical proportions

Cost: $15 to enter Van Dusen, optional

2 Responses to “Saturday December 9 – Christmas Lights – Leisure Ride”
  1. teresaot says:

    After several years of having to cancel this ride due to weather, I’m happy to report this one went off without a hitch. It was a bit foggy on the water close to Stanley Park, but visibility was very good. Many thanks to the 3 riders who braved the dark, cold, and fog to visit all the major light displays in the city. A big welcome to Jinsi who did her first VBC ride. The crowds at Van Dusen was pretty bad, and we’d had our fill of lights so went to fill our stomachs instead. The pho really hit the spot. Too bad we missed Rob at the start of the ride. There’s always next year!

    Enjoy the photos:

  2. Robert S says:

    The lights were really nice, with what seemed like even more houses decorated at Trinity Street. Must have been riding too slow on the hybrid to catch up. I called it a night after St. Paul’s thinking the ride had been canceled – my feet got chilled. Glad to hear the ride was a go.

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