The Ride: Believe it or not, the forecast calls for a decent day.  It’s time to enjoy some of Richmond’s longer riverside stretches with its awesome views and light traffic.

The Route: The route will take us south on Heather, across the Canada Line bridge, east on River Road, then south on 7 and Sidaway, then ride west on Dyke Road to Steveston for a yummy lunch at one of the VBC’s favourite pubs: The Buck & Ear. Click HERE.

Meet:  10:00am at Tandem Bike Cafe at Heather & 16th

Distance:  approx. 60km. return

Ride coordinator:  Andrea C.

One Response to “Sunday, Dec. 10: Richmond Express (Medium)”
  1. ac says:

    Well, we managed to get a good ride in. We started as a dozen or so eager riders and sunny skies. By the time we reached the Canada Line bridge the sun gave way to a thick and frigid fog. In the progress we gained one rider and lost two. We still made it to the Buck in Steveston, but by way of Iona Island. Again, we lost two riders and gained one.
    Lunch was tasty as usual and the beer flowed freely, at least for one who, to protect the innocent, shall remain nameless.
    Thanks everyone for joining and sorry for the absence of the customary award winning photo reporting.

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