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Get out you’re hybrids or mountain bikes! We’ll take the Canada Line skytrain bridge and then cut over to the Richmond dykes to get to Steveston.  The pace will be approximately 18km/hr. The ride will stop somewhere in Steveston for goodies and coffee.

Meet:  9:30AM at the north end 0f the Canada line bridge (South Kent at Ash).

Distance: 35km approximately

Route: view here


RSVP the leaders:  Dorothy and Colin


3 Responses to “Saturday March 3 Richmond Dyke (easy leisure)”
  1. Sharon L says:

    Lovely ride. Sunshine, great pace, good riders.
    I clocked 60 km. Happy with that.
    Thanks, Colin.

  2. Colin S says:

    Despite the good weather, I got lost. Sun must have been in my eyes. How did we get to Iona beach? 6 riders had a good day in the warmth and sun.

  3. Faye L says:

    That explains how we ended up at Iona!!

    Thank you Colin for leading a wonderful and sunny ride (again). 🙂

    Here are some photos of some pretty happy riders:

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