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I love Tucson in February. Very bike-friendly, 80 mile paved loop around the city, many bike meetups, lots of good eating, museums, etc.
Hard to find winter get-aways because it seems  the snowbirds flock there, and so very little left.
Here is what I came up with: 17922748  in a 55+ community with many more amenities than just pools.
I would like to go from Feb.14-Mar. 14.
Cost for sharing with me (2 BR. 2 Bathrooms): $400 per week. Stay as many weeks as you would like.
Please let me know asap, ’cause will be booked soon. Thanks.


778- 878-1068

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Another Saturday ride to take it easy and enjoy spring in Vancouver. This ride will be around Stanley Park and end at Naiden’s favourite restaurant: Mr. Greek on Granville Street near Davie, but since they do not have enough seating (and admittedly their decor does not equal their wraps, which are excellent). They also have falafels for vegetarians and other options for those who crave roast lamb etc.

Start: 10am, Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue) or 10:20am at Terra Breads in Olympic Village (Manitoba Street at Athletes Way). We will be rolling (at a leisurely pace) within 5 minutes after the time specified, so be timely or bring your pursuit bike.

Distance: about 20km

Route: here (with an option to avoid Prospect Point by riding along the seawall for those who prefer that – we will re-gather at the Fire Truck at Second Beach in Stanley Park).

Pace: The hills are gentle, the riders kind;
no one will be left behind.

Leader: Naiden (with Will). Feel free to let Will know that you are coming and which starting point you will be joining by email here.

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On 2 June 1817, Baron Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn of Baden, Germany filed a patent for his Laufmaschine. Also known as the Draisine, velocipede, hobby-horse or dandy horse. Pedals were first added in 1863, and the “boneshaker” became a (short-lived) craze. Tensioned spokes and increased front wheel size led to the “ordinary bicycle” that prevailed (and wrecked havoc) until the introduction of the safety bicycle in 1885. Since then pneumatic tires, variable gearing, new metals and plastics have been introduced, but how much enjoyment has resulted for these humble (and painful) beginnings. Celebration is required!

The Ride: a leisurely ride of approximately 30kms around East Van. The hills are gentle and the riders kind. No one will be left behind.

The Party: after the ride we will head to Will Todd’s home (and makeshift bicycle museum) in Kitsilano to enjoy vegan and non-vegan; glutinous and gluten-free food, along with water and tea. If you want more range in your drinking options, you are invited to bring the drinks you enjoy (a very wide range of liquid options are available nearby, if you would rather not carry your drinks on the ride). Friends from UBC’s Bike Kitchen are also invited.

What should you bring: your marvelous self and your trusted steed and, other than any drinks for you, you are requested to bring only the following for sharing:

  • a functional spare inner tube (patches are welcome) to contribute to my tube library
  • bicycle-themed poetry and stories to share
  • cash to contribute to the migrant farm workers of Flora Farm who are supported by Bici Libre (who recently lost their belongings in a fire) – details here – this is a fun raiser, more than a fund raiser – no contribution is required or expected

To avoid any confusion: this is not a pot-luck, your cooperation will be appreciated.


Distance: approximately 30km

Start: 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue)

Route: here

Leader: Will – please RSVP by email, so food quantities can be adjusted

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May 15 Update: starting location changed to parking lot at Peace Arch Park to accommodate the parking needs of the vehicular. We have a “coyote” who will guide us through the border area (on bikes) to get us to 0 Avenue to the start of the ride.

I almost posted this ride for Cinco de Mayo, but was worried that the Tamales would be sold out before we could ride to Ferndale. As a lover of Mexican cooking, I am always disappointed by Mexican food in Canada, so we are riding to the country of my birth (and, yes, the orangutan child king) to get the good stuff! We will be riding at a medium pace (this is not one of Naiden’s leisure rides) along the border from near Peace Arch to the Aldergrove Crossing then turning south through Lyndon and on to historic Ferndale where we will stop for lunch at the New Mexico Tamale Company (website), which closes on Saturdays when they run out of tamales, so if you can email me your choices before Friday, I will order them on Friday

afternoon and they will save them for us. If you do not get your request to me in time, you run the risk that your chosen tamal will not be available or, worse, no tamales will be left (I may share a Clif bar, but not a tamal, even friendship has its limits). As we do not get to Ferndale until 52km, I suggest you bring some aqueous and calorie supplements to be sure you can stay happy in the saddle. Also, since we will be riding a more rural route, it would be wise for you to bring more than the mandatory replacement tube, tire levers and pump to keep your ride rolling. Note: the starting point is NOW the usual parking lot at Peace Arch Park, but you still need to bring your PASSPORT or you cannot ride into the US at Aldergrove (and I cannot comment on the rumours that ICE agents may be hanging around Mexican restaurants).

Distance: about 75km

Route: here

Leader: Will

Start: 9:30am at Parking lot for Peace Arch Park on the Canada side behind the duty free (do NOT go into the duty free) – BRING YOUR PASSPORT

RSVP: Email Will what tamales you want to have ordered before 4pm on Friday, June 15.


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Ok, the last two times this ride was rained out. So here it is for one more try and hope for the best.

The Ride:  This popular ride attracts many cyclists and has become a club classic. It’s perfect for a fine spring, now summer, day. It boasts spectacular scenery, varied terrain and challenging climbs to work up an appetite.

We will across Stanley Park, ride over Lion’s Gate Bridge, ride residential roads skirting the ocean, then join the bike route with its many twists, turns and killer climbs and eventually find ourselves in Horseshoe Bay. Lunch will either be at one of several fine dining restaurants or take your picnic to the waterfront park. We will then return along scenic Marine Drive with a cappuccino stop at Delany’s in West Vancouver. Almost any bike with triple rings and good brakes will do.

Route: here

Meet:  930am at  Arbutus Coffee at 6th & Arbutus 

Distance:  Approx. 60 km.

Contact:  Andrea C.

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