Another Saturday ride to take it easy and enjoy spring in Vancouver. This ride will be around Stanley Park and end at Naiden’s favourite restaurant: Mr. Greek on Granville Street near Davie, but since they do not have enough seating (and admittedly their decor does not equal their wraps, which are excellent). They also have falafels for vegetarians and other options for those who crave roast lamb etc.

Start: 10am, Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue) or 10:20am at Terra Breads in Olympic Village (Manitoba Street at Athletes Way). We will be rolling (at a leisurely pace) within 5 minutes after the time specified, so be timely or bring your pursuit bike.

Distance: about 20km

Route: here (with an option to avoid Prospect Point by riding along the seawall for those who prefer that – we will re-gather at the Fire Truck at Second Beach in Stanley Park).

Pace: The hills are gentle, the riders kind;
no one will be left behind.

Leader: Naiden (with Will). Feel free to let Will know that you are coming and which starting point you will be joining by email here.

3 Responses to “Saturday, 12 May Wrap it up downtown ride (Leisure)”
  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the Todd clan for leading the group through dense cruise ship traffic, around Stanley Park, through the West End to the donair shop. Some rode the seawall and others climbed the hill. Will outdid himself by towing both a full grown child and 11+ pound watermelon to the top of Prospect Point, before sharing it with everyone at the park. A refreshing end to a yummy lunch. Beautiful day and great company, numbering 16 in total.

    Check out the photos to see how it’s done:

  2. Dianna says:

    Shortly after entering Stanley Park, Michael and I jumped off the front of the group which has to be a first for us. Fueled by powerful ginger cookies, I suspect! We did two laps of the park, then headed for the fire truck where we saw….no one! So, home for lunch. See you soon.

  3. Faye L says:

    Thank you Will, Naiden and Tom for leading us around downtown Vancouver. The congestion at the Pan Pacific tested our bike skills. Once we were in Stanley park, the views made up for the ‘car’nage. Lunch was delicious. Lunch venue was awesome and dessert was well-traveled. Thanks again Will especially for hauling around that 11 pounder baby!

    Sorry we left without you Dianna. There were members of our group who were controlled by their stomachs!!

    Thank you to Gwyn for these lovely photos:

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