May 15 Update: starting location changed to parking lot at Peace Arch Park to accommodate the parking needs of the vehicular. We have a “coyote” who will guide us through the border area (on bikes) to get us to 0 Avenue to the start of the ride.

I almost posted this ride for Cinco de Mayo, but was worried that the Tamales would be sold out before we could ride to Ferndale. As a lover of Mexican cooking, I am always disappointed by Mexican food in Canada, so we are riding to the country of my birth (and, yes, the orangutan child king) to get the good stuff! We will be riding at a medium pace (this is not one of Naiden’s leisure rides) along the border from near Peace Arch to the Aldergrove Crossing then turning south through Lyndon and on to historic Ferndale where we will stop for lunch at the New Mexico Tamale Company (website), which closes on Saturdays when they run out of tamales, so if you can email me your choices before Friday, I will order them on Friday

afternoon and they will save them for us. If you do not get your request to me in time, you run the risk that your chosen tamal will not be available or, worse, no tamales will be left (I may share a Clif bar, but not a tamal, even friendship has its limits). As we do not get to Ferndale until 52km, I suggest you bring some aqueous and calorie supplements to be sure you can stay happy in the saddle. Also, since we will be riding a more rural route, it would be wise for you to bring more than the mandatory replacement tube, tire levers and pump to keep your ride rolling. Note: the starting point is NOW the usual parking lot at Peace Arch Park, but you still need to bring your PASSPORT or you cannot ride into the US at Aldergrove (and I cannot comment on the rumours that ICE agents may be hanging around Mexican restaurants).

Distance: about 75km

Route: here

Leader: Will

Start: 9:30am at Parking lot for Peace Arch Park on the Canada side behind the duty free (do NOT go into the duty free) – BRING YOUR PASSPORT

RSVP: Email Will what tamales you want to have ordered before 4pm on Friday, June 15.


3 Responses to “Saturday 16 June – Border Ride to Ferndale’s Tamales (Medium)”
  1. Will says:

    References in post corrected that we do not cross at Sumas crossing, but rather at Aldergrove crossing (much closer and direct route to Lyndon, WA). If you were confused I am sorry. If you did not notice, just pretend I never said it…


  2. Will says:

    Thank you to Teresa for a great job leading this ride, and to the weather gods for a glorious day. So glad that we had a full dozen for the ride, including our newest member, Ted. Welcome Ted, looking forward to seeing on more of rides in the future.


  3. teresaot says:

    Thanks to Will for organizing a great ride and tamales lunch, ensuring noone went hungry by submitting our order early. Extra kudos to him and David for riding to the start. Whew! Thanks also goes to Cameron for sweeping, and Gwyn for photos. Rob Ralfs, whose route was modified for this ride, deserves thanks and credit.

    We lost one rider for a time, but using his powers of hunger and thinking fast with his stomach, he managed to locate us at the lunch stop.

    Enjoy the photos:

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