Whether your taste in ice cream runs tall, wide, silly or fancy – all will be considered – and NO ONE does not like ice cream. Plan for the ride is to ride no more than 25km at a pace that does not exceed 18km/h to get the best ice cream! And where is the best ice cream? – bring your suggestions (within the distance limit) – and we will ride to the location those riding select. Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments, but be prepared to argue for your choice before we ride. Destination will be announced to WhatsApp Group before we embark.

Ride is subject to weather – check this post by 8am on the ride date in case of cold, rain, snow or volcanicĀ  eruption.

Meet: Arbutus Coffee (W. 6th Ave at Arbutus St)

Time: 10am

Instigator: Will and Naiden (email if you want us to be sure you are there before we set out)

Route: only the shadow knows…

2 Responses to “Saturday, 4 August – Leisure Ride for Ice Cream”
  1. Colin S says:

    Does gelato count? I know this nice little place in Rome…oops, outside of the distance limit.

  2. Will says:

    Gelato counts and distance on overseas flights (that you pay for) do not count, but if we are going to Italy, I am bringing panniers to bring home some Campy parts! Dolce Amore and Caffe Calabria (both on Commerical Drive…within the distance limit) have been suggested. Also, Burnaby Village Museum…Avalon…oh I will be back in a minute I have to go get something cool to eat…


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