Pedal to Whytecliff Park for a quick workout and then a dip to test your Polar Bear technique. Pace is fast because you’ll freeze otherwise. Expected pace: mid 20s kph on the flats. Beware of frost and ice, and dress for bone-chilling cold. I would like to be downtown by 12pm. If there’s enough time, I may stop somewhere to warm up with a hot beverage.

Meet: 900AM Terra Breads, Olympic Village

Route: pretty much  this route

RSVP the Leader: Teresa

2 Responses to “Sunday December 1 – Whytecliff Park – Medium Ride”
  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the 4 other riders who braved the cold to accompany me to Whytecliff Park. Having done this ride in summer and now winter, I can say with authority it’s fun and challenging any time of year-lots of hills to generate heat with big views and fun descents. And maybe, just maybe, when I emerge on Groundhog Day, I might not be mistaken for one.

    Sadly, with none of our regular swimmers on hand, noone did the swimming component. If they did, it was involuntary. Most of us also did not stop for coffee, fearing snow, but it was generous of Pat to offer us cookies and coffee. Thanks, Pat!

    Enjoy the photos:

  2. Will says:

    You guys missed out on coffee and more cookies, and meeting Pat’s wife, Mary Jane. Oh, and spectacular views across the water! Thanks again, Pat and Mary Jane for the great ending to a fun day, and thanks to Teresa for leading this ride. It never did snow, just sayin’.

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