Avoid the heat and go on a night ride. No, not with David Hasselhoff, though the show Knight Rider foreshadowed the self-driving car and the smart watch with which to summons it. Look at that chest. Rumor has it he grooms it with a rake.  Consider this part 2 of the weekly Pie Ride where I actually go around UBC, hopefully at at pace worthy of the pie ride name. Plan is to ride in cool(er) conditions. Route is west along False Creek, Pt Grey bikeway, 4th Ave past Jericho up to UBC, around Marine Drive, south on Arbutus corridor. Your reward is a late dinner of half-price burgers at Bin4. It’ll go perfectly with your potato chip diet.  BRING YOUR LIGHTS.

Meet: 7pm at Terra Breads in Olympic Village

RSVP: Teresa


5 Responses to “Thursday August 9 – Night Rider- Medium”
  1. Sharon L says:

    I could take the hassle off and volunteer to comb body hair, good idea?

  2. Sharon L says:

    see you at Terra

  3. teresaot says:

    Don’t do it, not even with a 10 foot rake.

  4. teresaot says:

    I was pleasantly surprised that 6 riders joined me on this evening of pedalling fun. If the heat wasn’t sucking the energy out of me, the large post-ride meal was. We enjoyed a welcome respite eating on the patio of the restaurant and a cool ride home in the dark.

    Kudos to Will for riding with all his camping gear, and to Sharon for biking out from New Brighton after a swim.

    If the heat persists, I’ll run this ride again, but expect short notice.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AqpjrfxXPpFPa2Sc8

  5. Ted Kuan says:

    It was a good dinner. The beer “Dark Matter” is not bad too from the Hoyne Brewing.

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