This ride is clear weather dependent – I will post by 8:30am on day of ride if not riding.  I just looked at the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like Colin’s Sunday ride may be in jeopardy, leaving Saturday as the only clear day. What will be have to be thankful for if there is no ride this weekend? Ride proposed is another of my “riders get to pick” ride – I am thinking we meet at Arbutus Coffee and ride to the North Shore and then on to the consensus of either Horseshoe Bay (Marine Drive route both ways) or Deep Cove (over the hills going east and along the water coming back). Are you in?

Meet: 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus St at W. 6th Ave.)

Leader: Will (email me here, if you want me to know you are planning to ride)

Route: to be determined by those who are riding, either Deep Cove  (approx 22km) or Horseshoe Bay (approx. 26.3km), plus return.

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  1. tslevi says:

    Will, I was contemplating a solo ride to either Lions Bay or going the super steep way to first lookout (21st and through the British Properties) and then on to H. Bay to complete a loop. If this is something people are interested in, let me know, but it might be on the “hard” side of things.

  2. Will says:

    Tom – did not see your comment until it was too late to coordinate with you. I hope you had a good ride.

    There were five of us who decided to ride to Deep Cove via Lions Gate Bridge and the Spirit Trail (luckily I was able to remember almost all of Marty’s tips from 3 weeks ago), then return to our side of Burrard Inlet via the Iron Workers Bridge. Weather and views of Deep Cove were beautiful (and the discussion of favourite Thanksgiving dishes made everyone hungry). At least 4 documented examples of navigation errors but we all made it back across and North Shore Rescue was not called, so I call that a success. Thanks to Cam, Katie, Ted and Toby for joining in. Ted’s photos are shared on WhatsApp.

    Happy Thanksgiving to alll!

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