…and other snacks available from Sean’s Good Eats at Avalon Dairy (7985 N Fraser Way, Burnaby). I was surprised to learn that this is Naiden’s favourite VBC lunch destination (even when it is NOT ice cream season, although some think it is never to cold for a milkshake). The route crosses the North Arm of the Fraser on the skytrain bridge and goes along River Road to the Queensborough Bridge then back through Burnaby. We will travel at a leisure pace (around 20kmh along the flats) and no one will be left behind. This ride is dependent on reasonable weather. I will send out a message to the VBC WhatsApp Group at 90 minutes before the starting time if the ride is cancelled or postponed (and I will also endeavour to update this post).

Meet: 10am at the Arbutus Cafe (Arbutus St. at W. 6th Avenue) or 10:30am at Vancouver side of Skytrain bridge.

Route: 40+ km (from Arbutus Cafe) or 31km (from Skytrain bridge); for details see here

Leader: Will (and Naiden); you can let us know your preferred starting point by email (I will ride through both starting points).


2 Responses to “Saturday 10 November – Avalon Dairy for Soooup! – Leisure Ride”
  1. Will says:

    Revised to clarify that I will be at both starting points and the expected time for those starting at Arbutus Coffee to reach the Skytrain bridge.

  2. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Will and Naiden for taking us on this adventure to Avalon via River Road. A lucky ridership of 13 attended under really glorious conditions, for November. It almost felt like Speedo weather. There was no soup, but there was a nice variety of other hot foods available.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jqB2mcEyvR8oFq6v6

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