As a bicyclist of Scotch descent, I have to admit there are three distinct disadvantages to a cycling celebration of Robbie Burns Day – it occurs during a terribad season for riding in Vancouver, Robert (Beto) Burns died 21 years before the bicycle was invented, and , third, Scottish cookery. But it is already a VBC tradition, so I am dedicated to making the best of a combined celebration of a poet and the greatest invention of human history, and for me and the kind of bike club I most enjoy, a celebration means food! Please join me on a leisurely ride (the length of which will be adjusted to reflect conditions and rider inclinations) followed by homemade sourdough bread, chili (vegan and otherwise), tea, cocoa, and other warming liquids at my home in Kitsilano. As before, you and your friends (VBC members and otherwise) are welcome, and bring examples of bicycle-themed poetry (found or written by you) and liquid refreshment you enjoy, but please do NOT bring food for sharing, bagpipes or haggis.

Meet: 1030AM at Arbutus Coffee located at W. 6th and Arbutus
Route: TBD (length depending on weather, but will NOT be cancelled)
RSVP the LeaderWill

3 Responses to “Sunday, 27 January – Beto Burns Ride and Poetic Bicycle Celebration”
  1. Will says:

    Thanks to Teresa for getting this posted (even making it look like I did it) and to Naiden for the “decoration” on the Robbie Burns pic. If you want to come to the celebration and skip the ride, you will be welcome, just let me know by email so I can be sure there is enough and provide you with my address.

  2. Cam_S says:

    Thank you Will !
    It was a nice little ride, with lots of friendly faces. The ride started out cool and cloudy. But the sun came out, and warmed us up.
    Will invited us back to his house, after the ride, where we enjoyed chili, and snacks, all washed down with chocolate milk and whiskey. Must be a Scottish thing.
    There was a bicycle poetry reading. Lots of poems about cycling, the VBC , and bicycle rocket assist jet packs.
    I felt enlightened!
    My odometer said 37km by the time I got home.

  3. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Will for bringing club members together for this great annual event. There were 10 riders and an additional 4 people arrived for lunch. Who knew cyclists were such a refined, cultured bunch? We read poetry and sipped whiskey, while admiring bike art by the fire. It was a veritable salon! I enjoyed the ride through the quiet streets of UBC and Point Grey, especially the swooshing descent to the house. Will does it all..again.

    Enjoy the photos:

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