Kitsilano and Second Beach pools open Saturday, the 18th, and my plan to celebrate the first day of outdoor swimming is A Different Kind of Triathlon. We’ll meet at Kits pool to swim a few laps, then ride over to Second Beach pool where we’ll swim a few more laps, warm up the sun on the deck, and, finally, enjoy lunch. The Second Beach pool concession has actual, yummy food this year, so let’s explore. If you aren’t interested in swimming, just keep riding, and we’ll rendezvous over lunch at Second Beach pool. Ride is weather dependent: will cancel by 8AM in the event of bad weather. Check website and Whatsapp.

If you are not a swimmer, but want to ride while Dianna and the Aquapeople swim, but then meet them for lunch, Will will be leading a ride. Hydrophobics can meet with their bikes outside the Kits Pool around 9:45am. We will then agree on a route that will get us to Second Beach by high noon.

Meet: Kits pool, pool deck @10:00. Second Beach pool @11:15. Lunch @high noon.
Dress code: bathing suit

RSVP the Leader: Dianna

4 Responses to “Saturday May 18 Leisure Ride- A Different Kind of Triathlon”
  1. Will says:

    As a non-swimmer, I am planning to ride with any other hydrophobics and meet the swimmer group for lunch at noon at Second Beach. I will be at the Kits Pool entrance around 9:45am.

  2. Dianna says:

    Michael is also not a swimmer, and will likely join the happy band of riders.

  3. Dianna says:

    Well, that certainly was fun!! David, Gordon (a longtime friend), and Laura (relocated Tuesday from London, barely over jet lag) and I met at Kits pool where we swam a few laps. Meanwhile, Will and Michael rode the Central Valley Greenway. After Kits we rode to Second Beach and met Teresa. A few more laps, a shower on the pool deck, followed by ramen, burger, fries, and mini-donuts at Second Beach. Food isn’t great, but was much appreciated. As was the sunshine. A good day. Let’s try that again.

  4. teresaot says:

    Thanks for a great ride and swim, Dianna. Conditions were really perfect for all aspects of the triathlon. We rode, swam, and ate our faces off. Dianna revealed a cool feature of Second Beach pool: it has a current that pushes you along counterclockwise, so you swim effortlessly one way, but fight like a spawning salmon the other way. Good for sprouting fins and gills. Looking forward to the next one.

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