Lets climb a mountain like the pros! Dawn your Sunday best mismatched cycling kits. Just like the pros we’ll start at Musette Caffé. Head for the north shore, re-fuel in Deep Cove (Cafe Orso) then climb the mighty Queen Elizabeth “Little Mountain” and do a summit victory lap around the parking lot.

Lastly we’ll finish at Musette where we can regale at how many decimeters we climbed.

Meetup: Musette Caffé @ 10:00am
Ride Leader: Yves Chartrand
Route details below

2 Responses to “Sunday November 10 :: Queen Elizabeth Summit”
  1. teresaot says:

    Thanks, Yves, for leading this impromptu ride. Conditions were perfect; I can’t believe it’s still bikini weather. Cafe Orso is a neat cafe frequented by a lot of roadies; there was so much lycra and polyester inside it’s a wonder we didn’t burst into flames. The 4 other riders made for good company; nice to see Kelly before he leaves in a week.

    Photos to follow.

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