Dov is coming back to visit Vancouver and agreed to lead a ride to re-live the good times. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, but if things are too messy the route may be abbreviated. No drop ride; bring the equipment and tools you will need.

Meet: 10am Terra Breads at Olympic Village (Manitoba at Athlete’s Way)
Approximate Route: here (Not sure if Dov will take a different route to Stanley Park, but I trust he will advise the sweeper).
Leader: Dov (or Will, if you need a local contact)

One Response to “Saturday 14 December – Dov’s Return (semi-relaxed) – Ride to Horseshoe Bay”
  1. teresaot says:

    Thanks to Dov for visiting and leading this ride into Horseshoe Bay for lunch. So nice to see you’re doing well. The riding pace was rivaled only by my cookie-eating speed, which rates somewhere between frenzied and maniacal. It was nice to catch up with some new and familiar faces. A big welcome goes out to new riders Harris and Philip.

    Pat set a dangerous precedent of offering his wife’s cookies again, an assortment of Italian ones no less. Wow, those were good. Thank you! If I ask for the recipes, will you have to kill me?

    The weather behaved itself until I reached Yaletown, at which point the skies opened up and I sloshed home.

    Enjoy the photos!

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