UPDATE: Given the forecast for morning rain, I have postponed the start to 12:30pm. Also, if you want to just come for the food, drinks and poetry, you are welcome to come directly to my home around 2pm (address provided by email – please do not post here or on WhatsApp). An easy ride of about 20km, subject to abridgement, but not cancellation due to weather; traditional liquids on offer; spoke’n’words (a toast to bicycles); and warmth following ride. To be clear, there will be food and whisky for all and this is NOT a potluck (please bring only bike, helmet, tube and tools, drink for yourself, and a poem or other written thoughts about bicycles and the undying love of them). I mean love of bikes, not love of drinks; no need for us to fall into cliches. As 25 January will be the happy coincidence of lunar new year’s day and the 261st anniversary of the birth of Scotland’s most famous son, it is ever better if poems and writings also have rat theme. We will ride at a gentle pace and no one will be left behind.

Route: 18.9km see here
RSVP: Will (so we have enough for all to eat)
Location: Arbutus Coffee (W. 6th Avenue at Arbutus Street)
Revised Time: 10am 12:30pm

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