Update May 27: The quota has been filled. Sorry, no more riders. Thanks for your interest.

Time to reunite with the chain gang and explore my own backyard. Join me on this ride to Minnekhada Regional Park. I’ve never been there before, so expect surprises. Social distancing and limits on numbers of participants apply on this ride, so please RSVP the leader ahead of time, as I work with vulnerable seniors. Be prepared for minimal options for food/water, so bring your own. There are bathrooms at the park. The ride is 61km, but a longer option is to ride home from Braid Station.

Meet: 9AM at Commercial and 6th Ave

Route: Click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

2 Responses to “Saturday May 30 Minnekhada Park – Ride’s Full”
  1. Colin S says:

    This break has brought back a “mean” Teresa!! Hill – “what hills? I eat these small bumps for breakfast”; rain – “in Scotland they call this a sunny day. ”

    Thanks for getting a few of us out. Minnekhada is such a wonderful setting.

  2. teresaot says:

    It was so nice to ride again with other members after a long pause. Unfortunately, the weather and hills picked them off one by one like a VBC episode of Survivor. And then there were two. Instead of voting me off the island for missing a turn, Colin navigated and got us back on track. It was a pleasure to check out new routes and destinations. The rain even let up enough to allow completion of the ride and ride home via CVG.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/m4SPETEySpk8WxbP7

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