Silver Lake Park, near Sumas, WA

That’s a photo from a club ride in 1992. The bridge is gone, but you can still enjoy the backroads and farms of Washington State. A longer version of last year’s ride, this ride is 15km longer, totalling 97km. Make sure you bring your passport/Nexus card, a bike in good repair, some tools/spares for simple repairs, US dollars/credit card, and enough snacks/water. There is climbing, but it’s very gradual or short spurts. There are nail-biting sections with heavy traffic and minimal shoulder. Pace will be in the low 20kms/hr. I’ll be relying on GPS, so expect wayfinding issues. Many thanks to Justin for the route. Lunch will be at North Fork Brewery.  Open to VBC members only.

If you can take others in a carpool or need a ride, please let Teresa know in your RSVP.

RSVP the leader: Teresa

Route: click here

Meet: 9AM at the Tim Hortons near Sumas/Huntington border crossing. Address is 1255 Sumas Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8H2

5 Responses to “Saturday September 23 – Silver Lake – Medium”
  1. tslevi says:

    Anyone carpooling and have room for an extra from Gastown/Downtown for this ride?

  2. Jay C says:

    Not sure what happened, waited at the turn at Kendal and no one showed up turned around went back 1.5 miles no one to be seen. So I went back to the turn and the gps said go straight on 547 but the only choice was left or right so I turned left when I should have turned right. Hope everyone is ok .

  3. teresaot says:

    We started with 11 riders, but returned with 10. Unfortunately, we lost Jay at the Northfork Brewery (lunch stop) and never reconnected. There was no phone service so attempts to call were unsuccessful. Lesson of the day: pass the leader at your peril. Jay did help with wayfinding, so thank you. It just means we’ll have to run the ride again soon.

    Thank you to everyone who made this ride so fun. The backroads of Whatcom County are always a pleasure. Enjoy the photos.

  4. Colin S says:

    Thanks Teresa, great ride, great day, great pics!

  5. Jay C says:

    Well I thought I was chasing down one of our riders. That explains why no one showed up at the Kendall turn everyone was at the lunch stop.
    Sorry for the mix up, I thought the guy I went after was riding pretty strong 🙁
    Nice route must try it again sometime.

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