I was so pleased with the Vancouver to Vancouver ride that David and I completed earlier this month that I have decided to spend another week riding and camping at state parks in the Pacific Northwest. Plan will be to take buses from Vancouver on August 11 to Astoria, Oregon (total cost US$64) then ride south staying at Oregon State Hiker-Biker campsites for 6 nights. Then ride back to Eugene, Oregon (spending the night in a municipal campsite), from which I will catch buses back to Vancouver (total cost US$62) to be back on August 18 around 10pm. Camping costs will be $6-8/night, so the total cost of the trip, before food and tubes should be less than US$200. The pace would not be the scorching pace that David and I suffered, but I expect the days would be something like (I am open to changing the distances and camping locations):

August 11 – Astoria to Fort Stevens State Park  (14.3km)
August 12 – .. to Nehelem Bay State Park (59.7km, 615m elevation gain)
August 13 – .. to Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area (118km, 637m)
August 14 – .. to Washburne State Park (99.1km, 656m)
August 15 – .. to Tugman State Park (73.1km, 779m)
August 16 – .. to Honeyman State Park (43.6km, 415m)
August 17 – .. to Richardson Park Campground (87.5km, 417m)
Augustt 18 – .. to Eugene bus stop (25.4km)

Best of all, in the summer the prevailing winds blow south, so (except for August 16) we will be just trying to keep up with the birds. I will be bringing tools and a first aid kit, that I am happy to share.

If you are interested, email Will.

This tour will be a reconnaissance ride for planning a club tour for summer 2019.

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