Yes, that is exactly what Rocky Point will look like on the 1st of December.

Tentative plan is to eat at Charlie’s Mexican Restaurant at Rocky Point Park, but it looks like there’s a lot of choice in easy riding distance if that turns out to be closed or otherwise a no-go. Ride will be canceled in event of rocks, trolls with sticks, all sorts of dragons, Mrs. Cake, huje green things with teeth, any kinds of black dogs with orange eyebrows, rains of spaniels, fog, Mrs. Cake. Check ~12 hours before for the final word.

Pace is expected to be halfway between a leisure ride and a Colin ride. We will of course not leave anyone behind.

Meet: JJ Bean (Commercial Drive at E. 6th Ave.) at 10am

Leader: Dov (obviously) – email to let him know you are coming. [Update: Will did not enter Dov’s email correctly – now it is fixed. Sorry]

Route: see here



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  1. teresaot says:

    10 riders joined Dov on this crispy cold day. The Mexican restaurant was closed, so lunch was split between Rehannah’s Roti and A&W. A nice surprise was encountering Rocket Rob’s group on the way out. There were a few pauses for wayfinding, but no issues otherwise. The group even partook in the frolicking promised by the Rocky Point waterpark, fully clothed, mind you.

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