Get out your aprons and best cooking pots. This is now turning into an annual gourmand ride (the 3rd annual). I use the word “ride” rather liberally as this now seems to be more about the food. Last year we had about 20 “riders”, let’s see if we can do better this year. Bring the food you’d like to share with everyone, there always seems to be a great mix whether it’s salads, appetizers, desserts (without rhubarb), etc. The company is always the best.

Remember to bring plates and cutlery for yourselves.

Route: click here,

Meet: 10:30 AM Canada Line Bridge (North side, Kent Ave at Ash)

Contact: Colin 

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  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks again, to Colin and Dorothy, for leading this ride. It was an event worthy of the stars, complete with candelabra and a fresh rose. I expected Liberace to show up, baby grand in tow. Great food, too, everyone, proving this club knows its way around food-noone left hungry. 19 members came out, and when ex-VBC Colin P. dropped by, we were an even 20. Unfortunately, Jill and Henry tried to find us, with no luck. Hopefully, the mechanical problem at the end of the ride was quickly remedied, while the rest of the group headed home via Railway.

    Good luck to the VBCers doing the Whistler Gran Fondo next week: Jill, Colin, Toby, and Kelly. We’ll be cheering for you and crossing our fingers for good weather.

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