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Pennyfarthing and pith helmet are optional, but soap and deodorant are not.

Marty has generously offered to lead this tour and share the beauty of his new home. He can also house members in his home the nights before and after the ride. The ride starts near Spokane, WA. Riders will have to find their way there.

The Ride: The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is a converted railbed that’s about 143 miles round trip, out and back. The first 8 miles is downhill and obviously back up at the end, the rest is completely flat (at least the next 20 miles the I rode and as I’ve been told).  I thought we could do this in three days, stopping about the 47 mile point at Enaville, ID, plus an additional 1 1/2 miles to accommodations in Kingston, ID.  We can spend two nights there with the second day doing the loop from Kingston to the end of the trail and back without our gear (about 50 miles). 
This is the map of the trail:

Accommodations: This is an Airbnb we can rent in Kingston, for 7 people it comes out to about $65US/person for both nights. If numbers exceed capacity, there are other options nearby:
Historic School – Single, Family, Groups & Events – Castles for Rent in Shoshone County, Idaho, United States

Leader and contact: Marty

Numbers will be limited, but all participants must be VBC members.

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Join us for a 5 day hub-and-spoke tour in the Skagit Valley for some rides in the country. Though this area is known for its spectacular tulip fields, we’ll be going long after they’ve passed their prime. Terrain will vary from flat to rolling, with a pace of 20-25km/hr and distances of 70-100km per day.  Fortunately, many of these rides can be shortened for those who prefer a shorter day, but prepared to be on your own. Most of the rides leave from La Conner save one, so be prepared to drive/catch a ride/bike to Mt. Vernon for one of them. Accommodations will be at LaConner RV and Camping Resort, with its myriad options from cabins to tenting. If sharing a tent site, there is the possibility of sharing cooking costs and duties. Lunches will be on the road.

Check out this link for ride information.

RSVP Teresa by June 30 if you’re interested and what your accommodation plans are.

$25 deposit to hold your spot if you are tent camping.

Limit 12 riders

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Want to post a last-minute impromptu ride? Want to be updated about impromptu rides? We’re starting a WhatsApp group for just this purpose. We’re calling these rides “Flash Rides” because they’re so spur-of-the-moment. It’s wonderful because a text can be sent out once and everyone gets it instantaneously. If a ride is cancelled, a text can be sent out to notify the group.

Everyone who wants to be part of this group need to download WhatsApp (it’s free) to their phone. Once this is done, they can email Faye their phone # and be added to the group. WhatsApp, once loaded, can be access through WiFi or data.

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Update 3 September 2019 – Check out the Tours page for a Rails to Trails tour in Spokane, Washington from September 21-23.

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Update January 11: It’s Speedos and tubetop weather. This ride is a go.

The Ride: It’s been a mild winter, so let’s push my luck and tackle the North Shore. I may be tempting the weather fates, but the rolling bellies ride on this week, entering the wilds of North Van in search of good coffee. This ride will venture into the rarefied community of Edgemont Village before descending down, down, to the Spirit Trail . Home is via Lions Gate bridge and Prospect point. The ride is short, but there is a long climb, hence the medium designation. Bring your thinnest tires and climbing legs. The hills will do your lungs and mine some good. If the mountains beckon me to ski, Will has graciously agreed to lead in my stead. This ride is weather-dependent. Keep your eye on this website and Whatsapp for updates.

RSVP the Ride Co-ordinator: Teresa

Distance: 35km+, all riding levels will be accommodated. This is a no-drop ride.

Route: click here

Meet: 6th Ave and Commercial Dr, JJ’s Coffee at 10:00 AM

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The Ride: This ride falls on Valentine’s Day, an apt celebration of my love affair with food. Sorry Cam, you have not been overlooked. Ever wonder what “banchan” is? Have you ever wanted to shout “bibimbap” and not sound crazy? You can on this ride. To continue with a cyclist’s favourite theme, the rolling bellies are headed into Burnaby/New Westminster for Korean food this week. The terrain will be mostly road, with unpaved sections of the Central Valley Greenway. The pace will be leisurely, the distance is easy, but there are a couple of good climbs. Road bike tires will be fine. Lunch will be at Insadong restaurant. Family style dining is likely unless the majority states otherwise.

Route: click here

Meet: At JJ’s Coffee East 6th and Commercial at 1000AM.

Distance: 52 km

Ride coordinator: RSVP Teresa  required for restaurant seating.

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Get going on those New Years resolutions to get into shape! This ride is great in the winter because trees have dropped their leaves, permitting you nice views of Indian Arm and Burrard Inlet. Although this is a short ride, there is a long climb into Burnaby and about 4km of hard packed gravel with some steep sections. Hybrid tires and hill-climbing gears recommended. Click here for the route.

Lunch will be in East Village at Mr. Red Cafe, a northern Vietnamese eatery.

Meet: Terra Breads at 1030AM

Leader: Please RSVP Teresa if you plan to come. The restaurant is small.

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This gastro-ride takes us to Chronic Tacos in New Westminster via River Road. Consider it the Subway of Mexican food – select your favourite toppings, and they wrap it into a nice neat package. Burritos tend to be big, so consider sharing, or be prepared take leftovers home for use as a door stop or draftproofing.  This is a no-drop ride and is longer than a typical leisure ride by about 10km. Option to shorten the ride by taking Skytrain home in New Westminster. Ride is weather-dependent, so check the website at 8AM in case of cancellation. Have a bike in good condition, basic tools, and know how to use them.

Meet: North end of Canada Line bridge, located at Cambie and W. Kent Ave at 10 AM

Route: click here but possible return via Fraser Way and Kent Ave

Pace: mid teens, low 20’s km/hr

Leader: Teresa

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For fear of becoming a dotard, I’m challenging my navigation skills by combining a couple of previous rides. This ride starts in Burnaby/Coquitlam, explores the Poco Trail, winds through Pitt Meadows, Fort Langley, and ends in Surrey. I repeat, in dotard fashion, the start and end are not the same! Enjoy beautiful views of no less than 3 rivers. Be prepared to climb initially and towards the end. There is about 3km of flat, hardpacked gravel, manageable by skinny tires.  By lunch time, you’ll have earned a nice meal, at the Jolly Coachman Pub. If we do the Fort Langley section, there will be a coffee/bathroom break there too. Bring a bike in good working order, tools and spares to fix flats, your Compass card if using the Skytrain, a lock, and lunch money.

Route:  click here   It’s an 83km ride, but I may shave off a section of the route.

Meet: Lougheed Skytrain station, at 900AM.

RSVP: Teresa

Weather: ride is canceled in the event of rain, to be posted at least 2 hours before the meeting time.

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There are numerous oases of nature in the urban desert. This ride will pass through several in Vancouver and Burnaby where you can fill your quota of trees, water, and ducks. We’ll cycle to Deer Lake via Killarney and return via Central Valley. Expect some hardpack gravel that is easily rideable with road tires going through Captain Cook, Central and Deer Lake Parks.  There will be a food stop at the 24km mark. There are hills, but climbs are gradual or short for the most part. This is a no-drop ride and will run weather-permitting

Meet: 10AM Arbutus Coffee Shop at 6th and Arbutus

Route:  about 42km total, click here for route details

RSVP the Leader: Teresa

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You may want to break out your best pocket protector for this one. But start spouting formulas, and watch people move away. Celebrate everyone’s favourite mathematical constant on Pi Day. Yes, there’s 3.14 times the fun, guaranteed empirically for your nerdy pleasure. This ride leads us to the land of savory Aussie hand pies. Not everyone likes sweet foods that aggravate their fillings, but if you do, feel free to check out the great eateries on Denman Street. Don’t forget to RSVP the leader if you plan to attend.

Meet: Riley Park fieldhouse, 32nd Ave and Quebec at 9AM.

Route: click here

RSVP the Leader: Teresa

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Let’s not forget the good riding in the suburbs south of the river. Enjoy Surrey’s various greenways on this ride out to Fort Langley for lunch, preferably at Little Donkey. The route will be more direct (out-and-back) than indicated in the map below, so expect the ride to be under 60km. The ride is weather-dependent, so keep an eye on the website on the morning of the ride. If weather promises rain or worse, I will cancel 2 hours before the start time.

Meet: King George Skytrain Station at 10AM

Route: click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

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