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I was so pleased with the Vancouver to Vancouver ride that David and I completed earlier this month that I have decided to spend another week riding and camping at state parks in the Pacific Northwest. Plan will be to take buses from Vancouver on August 11 to Astoria, Oregon (total cost US$64) then ride south staying at Oregon State Hiker-Biker campsites for 6 nights. Then ride back to Eugene, Oregon (spending the night in a municipal campsite), from which I will catch buses back to Vancouver (total cost US$62) to be back on August 18 around 10pm. Camping costs will be $6-8/night, so the total cost of the trip, before food and tubes should be less than US$200. The pace would not be the scorching pace that David and I suffered, but I expect the days would be something like (I am open to changing the distances and camping locations):

August 11 – Astoria to Fort Stevens State Park  (14.3km)
August 12 – .. to Nehelem Bay State Park (59.7km, 615m elevation gain)
August 13 – .. to Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area (118km, 637m)
August 14 – .. to Washburne State Park (99.1km, 656m)
August 15 – .. to Tugman State Park (73.1km, 779m)
August 16 – .. to Honeyman State Park (43.6km, 415m)
August 17 – .. to Richardson Park Campground (87.5km, 417m)
Augustt 18 – .. to Eugene bus stop (25.4km)

Best of all, in the summer the prevailing winds blow south, so (except for August 16) we will be just trying to keep up with the birds. I will be bringing tools and a first aid kit, that I am happy to share.

If you are interested, email Will.

This tour will be a reconnaissance ride for planning a club tour for summer 2019.

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This is a classic VBC Leisure Ride. We’ll break for treats and coffee in Lonsdale Quay. The ride home will go through the Spirit Trail in North Vancouver and the now completed bike path on the Ironworkers’ Bridge (both completed since the route was mapped), which are not shown in the route link below, and will involve a steep but short climb. Cross your fingers and hope for good weather. Ride will be canceled in the event of rain. Keep an eye on WhatsApp on the morning of the ride for updates.

Meet: Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Ave) at 9:30am

Route: click here

RSVP: Dov if you plan to come

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As the weather turns cooler, I am always inclined to food from warmer places. Dosas at Dosa Corner (8248 Fraser St.) meets this inclination. We will follow Naiden’s favourite route to UBC, continue around Point Grey in a counter-clockwise direction and then follow Kent Avenue to Fraser (route below). We will ride at a leisure pace and wait to regather the group at regular intervals – no one will be left behind.

Ride may be cancelled or modified due to weather with an announcement here and on WhatsApp around 8:30am on the day of the ride.

Meet: 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue)

Route: see here

Leader: Will (and Naiden). If you want us to know you are coming email here.


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This ride is clear weather dependent – I will post by 8:30am on day of ride if not riding.  I just looked at the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like Colin’s Sunday ride may be in jeopardy, leaving Saturday as the only clear day. What will be have to be thankful for if there is no ride this weekend? Ride proposed is another of my “riders get to pick” ride – I am thinking we meet at Arbutus Coffee and ride to the North Shore and then on to the consensus of either Horseshoe Bay (Marine Drive route both ways) or Deep Cove (over the hills going east and along the water coming back). Are you in?

Meet: 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus St at W. 6th Ave.)

Leader: Will (email me here, if you want me to know you are planning to ride)

Route: to be determined by those who are riding, either Deep Cove  (approx 22km) or Horseshoe Bay (approx. 26.3km), plus return.

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Whether your taste in ice cream runs tall, wide, silly or fancy – all will be considered – and NO ONE does not like ice cream. Plan for the ride is to ride no more than 25km at a pace that does not exceed 18km/h to get the best ice cream! And where is the best ice cream? – bring your suggestions (within the distance limit) – and we will ride to the location those riding select. Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments, but be prepared to argue for your choice before we ride. Destination will be announced to WhatsApp Group before we embark.

Ride is subject to weather – check this post by 8am on the ride date in case of cold, rain, snow or volcanic  eruption.

Meet: Arbutus Coffee (W. 6th Ave at Arbutus St)

Time: 10am

Instigator: Will and Naiden (email if you want us to be sure you are there before we set out)

Route: only the shadow knows…

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A classic leisure ride to a familiar destination – Iona Beach. Flat, smooth pavement to ease the way and a beautiful seascape to view at our destination, then we will reverse the route back to Ikura Sushi on Granville near 70th Avenue for everybody’s favourite bento box selection. Leisure ride with pace 15-18km/h; no one dropped. Bring the tools and parts you need to keep rolling.

RSVP: email to Will

Meet: 10:00am Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus St. at W. 6th Avenue), or 10:30am at corner of SW Marine at Milton St (South end of the Arbutus Strollerway).

Route: South via the Arbutus Strollerway to Arthur Laing Bridge, then following Ferguson Road to Iona Beach (return on same route). Detailed route map here.

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Leisurely ride around Richmond ending with a stop for lunch at the group’s choice of: Flying Beaver, Doshas or Shanghainese. Terrain is flat and pace will be moderate (~18kmh). All are welcome and no one will be dropped.

Meet: 10am at SOUTH end (Richmond side) of Skytrain bridge (this is on River Drive at Van Horne Way). Note this is not the usual meeting spot for recent leisure rides.

RSVP: Email to Will if you are coming and we will make sure you are there before we depart.

Route: simple circumnavigation of Richmond, about 30km; something like this.

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This is a classic VBC Leisure Ride.  We’ll break for noshings and coffee in Lonsdale Quay. The ride home will go through Moodyville Park, much more pleasant than the Lower Level road, which is not shown in the route link below. Cross your fingers and hope for good weather. Ride will be canceled in the event of rain. Keep an eye out on the website the morning of the ride for updates.






Meet: 1:00PM at coffee shop at Arbutus and 6th Ave

Route: click here

RSVP  Will (with Naiden) if you plan to come, and want to get an email if the ride is cancelled.

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The Ride: The terrain will be mostly road, with unpaved sections of the Central Valley Greenway. The pace will be leisurely, the distance is easy. Return will be all paved along Adanac/Union bike route and around False Creek. Road bike tires will be fine. Lunch will be at Insadong restaurant. Family style dining is likely unless the majority states otherwise. Will update post by 8am if cancelled due to weather.

This ride is rescheduled (again) from its original date on 15 October – I will be hoping that the rain gods allow us to enjoy great Korean food – finally!


Route: 10th Ave to Central Valley Greenway, return via Adanac/Union.

Meet: At Arbutus Cafe (Arbutus St. at 6th Ave.) at 11AM (moved back from 10am to reduce rain exposure – planning to ride even if still light rain, as forecast is clearing).

Distance: approximately 48km (return)

Route: Approximate routes – eastward route click  here route back click here. As a leisure ride, I expect the group will stay together, giving the ride coordinator some flexibility to adjust the route for conditions and rider preferences (also suited to limited ability with mapping programs), if you want to join us en route, let the ride coordinator know where and when and we will make sure not to miss you.

Ride coordinator: RSVP Naiden (with Will) if you want a message in case ride is cancelled due to weather

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Hoping that our unseasonably seasonal weather has passed by then, an easy ride around UBC ending with a roll down West 8th Avenue ending at my home in Kitsilano for some warming treats, mostly of the baked variety. If you do not appreciate the gluten, I will have some grain-based products that have been purified by a well-known distillation process (that may leave you among the baked varieties). As we will then be in the week prior to the celebration of the 258th anniversary of the birth of Robbie Burns (25 January 1759), we may all lift a glass in remorse that poor Robbie died just 21 years before the invention of the bicycle. If you cannot join the ride, but do not want to miss the bacchanalia, let me know and I will provide you with my address by email. As everyone knows, if you find yourself unable to ride home, you run the risk of suffering Colin’s fate of leaving a bicycle in my “shed of iniquity”.

I will cancel the ride if road conditions do not allow a safe or comfortable ride and amend this post to so indicate by 8am on the ride date (and I will send a message on WhatsApp).

Ride: Approximately 25kn; details of the route to be determined based on road conditions and I will post an update prior to the ride.

Meet: 11am at Arbutus Coffee (2200 Arbutus St. at West 6th Avenue).

Leader: Naiden (and Will), please let me know if you are coming so I can stock adequate provisions.

As with all VBC rides, bring your helmet, but leave your haggis and bag pipes at home.

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