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The recently-completed Evergreen Skytrain line opens up new terrain to the east for leisure riders. this ride will be an easy ride to explore the shores of the Coquitlam, Pitt and Fraser rivers, that are now easily accessible with transit. Most of the route will be on hard-pack gravel of paths and dykes, but passable with a broad range of equipment. We will have lunch in Port Coquitlam at a location to be disclosed (suggestions  welcome). Ride will be cancelled if beset by monsoons or other unpleasant weather, and a notice will be posted by 8am on the day of the ride (and message on WhatsApp to VBC Group).


Distance: approx. 25km of flat riding (route to be posted – but it will be something like), with an option to ride back toward Vancouver along the Central Valley Greenway for those craving some extra exersion.

Meet: Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station at 10:30am.

Leader: Naiden (and Will), if you let me know you are planning to come, I will make sure there is space for you at lunch.



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Easy ride out to Queensborough Bridge along south shore of the Fraser River’s north arm, then back on the northern shore to South Indian eats for lunch arotit Dosa Corner located at (8248 Fraser Street).

No one will be left behind in our journey to great dosas and roti cannei. Mild and vegetarian options are available.

Meet:  10:00am at north end of the skytrain bridge (Kent Ave at Ash St).

Route:  From skytrain bridge, follow this route to Fraser St (approximately 30km). Keep in mind, lunch will be at the 30km mark.

Leader: Please RSVP to Teresa.

In case of inclement weather, check website by 8am and WhatsApp for possible cancellation.

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What makes it special…well there will actually be pie, but wait there’s more…much, much more!

This event has been almost 200 years in the making – come ride around the edges of our fine city to celebrate the coming second centenary of the invention of the proto-bicycle; the patent for the Draisine was filed by German Baron Karl Christian Ludvig Drais von Sauerbronn on 2 June 1817. The Draisine was called the Laufmashine by Karl, who had a knack for monikers, but was also known as the “running machine”, the “hobby horse” and eventually the “Dandy Horse”, but don’t worry you will be able to bring a bike with pedals to this ride (and don’t forget your helmet, patch kit, water bottle, snack, chain breaker, etc, etc.).

I am thinking that we will meet at our usual pie ride gathering spot (at the flag poles at the plaza at Canada Place) at the usual time (5:30pm) and ride part of our usual ride, but stop in Kitsilano at my home for some pie and a short part of a Buster Keaton silent movie in which old stoneface actually rides a Draisine (yeah, I know, but the pie is free!). There will be a second piece of pie for anyone who rides a bike older than the safety bicycle I will be riding – and an entire pie for anyone who rides the whole route on a Draisine, an Ordinary bicycle or even a boneshaker.

Please email Will  if you are able to come so I can make sure there is enough pie. If you are not sure where I live, you can be sure you do not miss a turn or I can provide that information by email.

I was wondering if the ride should be 200km to mark the auspicious date…but then I woke up…

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We have been having leisure rides every second week, and Naiden and Will have lead most of them. Typical leisure rides are 30-40km, moderate terrain and we ride at moderate pace (~18km/h on the flat); no one is dropped.

Upcoming dates are:

Saturday 23 December

If you are interested in leading a leisure ride and one of these dates suits you, let Will know.  Details for each of the rides will be posted during the week before.

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Hoping that we get a drier day without risk of falling branches for an easy ride around Stanley Park or UBC (exact route will be adjusted to reflect weather and the feeling of the riding horde, but we will ride at least 21 kms to mark each of the years that elapsed after the Ploughman Poet died before the greatest invention of humankind) ending at my home in Kitsilano for some warming treats, mostly of the baked variety. If you do not appreciate the gluten, I will have some grain-based products that have been purified by a well-known distillation process (that may leave you among the baked varieties). As we will then be in the weekend after the celebration of the 259th anniversary of the birth of Robbie Burns (25 January 1759), we may all lift a glass in remorse that poor Robbie died 21 years before the invention of the bicycle. This tragic mis-ordering of history denied us all a wealth of poems to the “steel pony” that Robbie would, no doubt, have written, but I ask each of you to bring your favourite ode to that most perfect machine to share with the gathered several. If you cannot join the ride, but do not want to miss the bacchanalia (or you have a poem that you REALLY want to share), let me know and I will provide you with my address by email. .

I will shorten the ride if road conditions do not allow a safe or comfortable ride, but I will not want to have to eat all the pie and drink all the whisky myself – we all know how badly that would be!

Ride: Approximately 25kn; details of the route to be determined based on road conditions to be agreed before we head out on the ride.

Meet: 10:30am at Arbutus Coffee (2200 Arbutus St. at West 6th Avenue).

Leader: Will, please let me know if you are coming so I can stock adequate provisions.

As with all VBC rides, bring your helmet, but leave your haggis and bag pipes at home.

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RAIN, and more in the forecast…(I really should have thought up a clever reference to the winter Olympics but, sadly, did not.) Hoping we have seen the last of snow and will enjoy more of the beautiful clear skies we had last Monday for this ride out the Central Valley Greenway to fill up with Korean food at Insadong on North Road in Coquitlam (just barely). It will be a flat and easy ride at moderate pace (18-20km/h), and no one will be left behind. Likely, we will take the same route back, but the will of the group will be considered for alternative routes. Did I mention we were not going to be working too hard…it’s a leisure ride.



Meet: CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus at West 6th Avenue) – see this posting for update by 8am on ride day if weather is unpleasant

Route: Approximately 22km out Central Valley Greenway (like this)

Ride Leader: Will (hopefully with Tom and Naiden) – RSVP to make sure we have enough space reserved for lunch.

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This ride is a hill-climber’s favourite and great workout. The proposed ride is Belcarra Park via Central Valley, back on Barnet, but subject to change.

Meet: 830am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue) and at 900am at JJ Bean (Commercial Drive at E. 6th Ave).

RSVP: Will 

Route: click here


This ride is dependent on decent weather, so check this post (and WhatsApp) on the ride morning by 8am for notification if cancelled.

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A chance to ride both sides of Howe Sound on the same weekend! We will get an early start to get snacks in Deep Cove village, enjoy the water views from the other side, and be home in time to complete your spring cleaning in the afternoon…

Sure there will be a few hills, but none of them compare with the climb over the Coquitlam hill or the Belcarra killers.







Meet: Either 8:30am at Arbutus Coffee (W. 6th Avenue at Arbutus Street) or 9am at JJ Beans (E. 6th Avenue at Commercial Drive). No need to RSVP, but we will leave at 5 minutes after the time noted above. Use WhatsApp if you are delayed en route and would like us to wait for you.

Route: here

Leader: Will

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Another Saturday ride to take it easy and enjoy spring in Vancouver. This ride will be around Stanley Park and end at Naiden’s favourite restaurant: Mr. Greek on Granville Street near Davie, but since they do not have enough seating (and admittedly their decor does not equal their wraps, which are excellent). They also have falafels for vegetarians and other options for those who crave roast lamb etc.

Start: 10am, Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue) or 10:20am at Terra Breads in Olympic Village (Manitoba Street at Athletes Way). We will be rolling (at a leisurely pace) within 5 minutes after the time specified, so be timely or bring your pursuit bike.

Distance: about 20km

Route: here (with an option to avoid Prospect Point by riding along the seawall for those who prefer that – we will re-gather at the Fire Truck at Second Beach in Stanley Park).

Pace: The hills are gentle, the riders kind;
no one will be left behind.

Leader: Naiden (with Will). Feel free to let Will know that you are coming and which starting point you will be joining by email here.

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On 2 June 1817, Baron Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn of Baden, Germany filed a patent for his Laufmaschine. Also known as the Draisine, velocipede, hobby-horse or dandy horse. Pedals were first added in 1863, and the “boneshaker” became a (short-lived) craze. Tensioned spokes and increased front wheel size led to the “ordinary bicycle” that prevailed (and wrecked havoc) until the introduction of the safety bicycle in 1885. Since then pneumatic tires, variable gearing, new metals and plastics have been introduced, but how much enjoyment has resulted for these humble (and painful) beginnings. Celebration is required!

The Ride: a leisurely ride of approximately 30kms around East Van. The hills are gentle and the riders kind. No one will be left behind.

The Party: after the ride we will head to Will Todd’s home (and makeshift bicycle museum) in Kitsilano to enjoy vegan and non-vegan; glutinous and gluten-free food, along with water and tea. If you want more range in your drinking options, you are invited to bring the drinks you enjoy (a very wide range of liquid options are available nearby, if you would rather not carry your drinks on the ride). Friends from UBC’s Bike Kitchen are also invited.

What should you bring: your marvelous self and your trusted steed and, other than any drinks for you, you are requested to bring only the following for sharing:

  • a functional spare inner tube (patches are welcome) to contribute to my tube library
  • bicycle-themed poetry and stories to share
  • cash to contribute to the migrant farm workers of Flora Farm who are supported by Bici Libre (who recently lost their belongings in a fire) – details here – this is a fun raiser, more than a fund raiser – no contribution is required or expected

To avoid any confusion: this is not a pot-luck, your cooperation will be appreciated.


Distance: approximately 30km

Start: 10am at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus Street at W. 6th Avenue)

Route: here

Leader: Will – please RSVP by email, so food quantities can be adjusted

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