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    Today is a significant day for me. I sold the Norco touring bicycle that I’ve had since 1984. There wasn’t much wrong with it, but it was unsuited for the streets of this city; I need something with fat tires.
    This bike took me through much of British Columbia, northwest Washington State, Scandinavia (I crossed the Arctic Circle on it, and have a picture to prove it), and the country now known as the Czech Republic.
    The guy I sold it to is an active bicycle racer, and has won some triathlons. So, it remains in good hands.
    One more thing: When I delivered it to the new owner, my plan was to take it down the hill on the funicular. Turned out the the funicular attendant wouldn’t let me bring the bike on the funicular, so I had to carry it and the saddlebags down the hill. This wasn’t a big deal (after all, this bike doesn’t weight very much), but on the way down, two total strangers asked me if I needed help with it. I love this country!

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