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Wednesday Night Pie Rides


The ride: We zip around the edges of Vancouver. Starting from Canada Place we climb to Prospect Point in Stanley Park, then along Beach to Science World, across to Kits, and out to UBC and back home along the bike routes of Kits.

A fast, but friendly ride with several stops to collect everyone.

Meet: The Pie rides are back on!!!!

EVERY Wednesday at 4:30 PM at Canada Place (west side). (Ride depends on the weather.)

Distance: About 20 to 50 km, depending on how far you ride.

Pace: Multi-paced – please wait at pre-determined spots for others.

Contact: Henry H. at hulbert AT vcn.bc.ca

Helmets are required on all VBC rides and tours.

Saturday November 13 -Delta to Tsawwassen - Medium

November 10- Let's try this again. Sacrifices to the weather gods is recommended. See below for change to meeting place.

Novemer 6: The North Delta Greenway is normally a sun-dappled trail with plush surface. But with all the rain, it has likely become a river of quicksand from which only a strong breaststroke or Tarzan will save you. I will spare everyone from my swim-and-ride and postpone it for a drier day.

Enjoy the rural 'burbs on this ride to Tsawwassen via the North Delta Greenway. Expect 3km of unpaved trail, otherwise it's mostly paved, though bumpy in spots. Take a break at the Wooden Frog in Tsawwassen for a well-deserved break, though there are more frequent bathroom stops. If weather is unfriendly, expect the ride to be shortened by starting at Planet Ice on the south side of the Alex Fraser Bridge, which knocks 20km off the ride. Any updates to start location will be posted on the website the day before. If it's raining, I will probably cancel.

Meet: Planet Ice parking lot, west side at 9AM, 10388 Nordel Court, Delta

Route: click here

RSVP the leader: Teresa

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LOVE of cycling IN THE TIME OF COVID - Update June 6, 2021

Please ride COVID safe, it is up to ride leaders to specify exactly what their expectations are. At a minimum you should abide by the BC Health guidelines.

RISK FACTOR RATING - How safe is your ride?

1 Solo rides. VERY SAFE

2 Small group rides with family members or close contacts. LIKELY SAFE

3 Small group rides with individuals other than family members and close contacts. CAN BE RISKY. (Risk can be mitigated with basic risk management guidelines and procedures in place.)

4 Large group rides open to the general public and/or with individuals other than family members and close contacts.RISKY (May not be allowed in some jurisdictions.)


1 All riders should be symptom free for at least 14 days prior to any ride.

2 Consider conducting temperature checks before rides.

3 Consider having riders complete a brief medical questionnaire. Individuals with flu-like symptoms or preexisting medical conditions should be discouraged not to participate.


1 Ensure riders are aware of the proper physical distancing policies and procedures. Note:USACycling recommends riding side-by-side or more than 20 feet behind.

2 Riders should be encouraged not to draft and only pass other riders if necessary.

3 Riders should maintain physical distancing during breaks.

4 Ensure Ride Leaders brief all riders of the safety policies and procedures prior to each ride.


1 Consider ensuring all riders wear a cloth face mask during the ride.

2 Riders should be reminded to avoid touching their mouth,nose,face, and eyes.

3 Riders should be encouraged to wash their hands with warm soapy water for at least

20 seconds prior to the ride and carry hand sanitizers with them during the ride.

4 Riders should avoid sharing tools, water bottles or food.

5 Riders should be informed not to spit on rides or around other riders.

6 Riders should be reminded of the proper cough and sneeze etiquette.

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Calling All Ride Leaders


What's holding you back from leading a ride? Not excessive cattitude, I hope.  Lead a ride, give back to your club, and go where you want. Help is available from experienced ride leaders in route planning, posting your ride and co-leaders. Email Teresa to have your ride posted.

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Flash Rides? Get WhatsApp

Want to post a last-minute impromptu ride? Want to be updated about impromptu rides? We're starting a WhatsApp group for just this purpose. We're calling these rides "Flash Rides" because they're so spur-of-the-moment. It's wonderful because a text can be sent out once and everyone gets it instantaneously. If a ride is cancelled, a text can be sent out to notify the group. Everyone who wants to be part of this group need to download WhatsApp (it's free) to their phone. Once this is done, they can email Faye their phone # and be added to the group. WhatsApp, once loaded, can be access through WiFi or data.

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