Sunday May 14 Bakery – Escargot Ride

Update May 5: Note the date change.

Instead of burning calories, this ride is about acquiring calories. Let´s do a bakery tour of the city! Bring capacious appetites and panniers, for holding all your precious baked goods. Good footwear is more important than a good bike, as this ride won´t require much time in the saddle. Pace is called escargot, because we´ll be lucky to break 20km/hr and you´ll be leaving a trail of saliva instead of slime. That swimsuit photoshoot for Sports Illustrated can wait for another year or six. I plan to check out the following bakeries just because, well, baking:

Brekka, Beyond Bread, A Bread Affair, Siegels Bagels, Terra Breads, Yandoux, and Purebread.

Meet: 6th and Arbutus at 10AM

Route: click here

RSVP: Teresa