pitt polder

There are three possible starting points for this ride: 1)JJ’s on Commercial; 2)Braid St Skytrain; 3)East end of the Pitt River Bridge. The ride is fairly flat and the turn around place is Pitt Polder, a bird area at the start of Pitt Lake. We will haved a picnic here (It’s a bring your own.) Sometimes there is a food truck there, but this is not a guarantee. From the picture, you can see it’s a beautiful area. We may stop at the Gillnetter on the way back.   This is a no drop ride.

RSVP the Ride Co-ordinator: Colin

Distance: about 100km return to JJ Bean.  (70km return from Braid, 40km return from Pitt River Bridge)

Route: click here

Meet: jjbean on commercial at 8:30 (Braid about 9:30, Pitt Bridge about 10:30)

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