Lions Bay will wait for a sunnier day later in the month. Instead we will go south, at a Medium ride pace, to either Iona Island or Steveston. Meet at same place same time.

The Ride:  This popular spring ride attracts many cyclists and has become a club classic. It’s perfect for a fine spring day. It boasts spectacular scenery, varied terrain and challenging climbs to work up an appetite.

We will across Stanley Park, ride over Lion’s Gate Bridge; take Capilano Road, Upper Levels Hwy. to the Sea-to-Sky and on to Lions Bay. Lunch will be at the Lions Bay Café on top of a short but ungodly hill. The café is blessed with spectacular views of the Howe Sound. 

We will then return along scenic Marine Drive with a caffè latte stop at Delany’s. Almost any bike with triple rings, good brakes and tires will do.

NOTE: Although the Sea-to-Sky highway has been greatly improved, it’s still strongly recommended to exercise extra caution due to hazards such as traffic and those nasty, sharp rocks on the road. This ride has a Day Tour designation and is open to VBC members only.

Route: HERE

Meet:  At the Olympic Village Terra Breads at 9:30am.

Distance:  Approx. 75 km.

Contact:  Andrea C.

2 Responses to “Sunday, May. 14: Lions Bay (Day Tour) CHANGED”
  1. ac says:

    Well, we never saw Lions Bay, or the Northshore, or even reached Richmond as our back-up plan, but somehow made it with our soaked bodies to The Wick’s cafe to dry out. Thanks Gwyn for leading us. After squeezing most of the excess water out of our shoes, or soft of, we all headed home. Of course by the time I arrived home the sun came out. Go figure.

  2. Faye L says:

    We started off under cloudy skies. Within two blocks, we were getting wet. Gwyn said, ” Do not despair, I see clearer skies ahead!” I was not convinced as we headed into the eye of the storm. Two riders were also not as optimistic as they turned around and headed for home. The rest of us soldiered on. We took refuge at Wick’s. When we emerged, it was under clear skies. Gwyn was right! I should never have doubted him. We wrung out our gloves and poured the water from our shoes before the return journey. When we reached home, we were sun-baked and air-dried! Thank you Andrea for leading. Thank you Gwyn for your crystal ball!! 🙂

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