Get your passports ready and dust off your aero wheels. We’re heading for Point Roberts. Make sure your bidons are full of water before crossing the border. We don’t want to be chased out like it’s 1973. This is classified as a “fast” ride because of the overall distance 135km and selection of roads. There will be windy segments and we’ll be riding along the South Fraser Perimeter Road. There is generous shoulder for cyclist but trucks go by fast. This is a no drop event. We’ll maintain a “leisurely” pace on city streets and we’ll maintain a steady endurance pace; say ±25 km/h (on flats) on regional roads depending on weather and road conditions.

Riders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the route beforehand and to carry a detailed area map or other navigational tools.  

Optional Sprint Segments: There are two sprint segment for those in need for speed. If sprinting please wait for the group at the end of the segment Rider leader will sweep at the back during the sprint sections:

  • River Road Eastbound (no7 Road to Westminster hwy) approx. 6km. Wait for the group to regroup at the intersection of River Road and Westminster highway
  • SFPR Eastbound (Hwy 99 to Nordel Way) approx. 9km. Wait for the group at the Nordel Way Truck parking. It is on the right where “Hwy 99 connector” meets “Nordel Way”. There are washrooms there.

Meetup:Riley Park Fieldhouse @ 7:30am PST.
Lunch stop: Breakwaters Bar & Grill (opens at 11:00am)
RSVP the Leader: Yves Chartrand

2 Responses to “Sunday June 16th :: Fast – Zip Code 98281”
  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to Yves for leading 8, then 9, and back to 8 riders into Pt Roberts. He’s a route-planning Jedi, with a great route that accounts for any and all needs. I’ll need to become a better follower to match, as Will and I turned around in Tsawwassen. A big welcome to new rider Tom and welcome back to Henry.

    Pics were limited:

  2. Will says:

    Awesome route on an awesome day – sorry I was the dope who forgot his passport and had to lunch in Tsawwassen. Ride home following some of Yves routing was nicely peaceful. For Father’s Day I ended up going up the UBC hill twice on a tandem and having dinner in Chinatown – if you have not tried it the Phnom Phen on E. Georgia was (wait for it) phenomenal! Ended the day with lots of kms (but less than Kelly, no doubt.) Thanks for leading Yves, you are a great addition to our club!

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