Saturday June 8 – Seymour Demonstration Forest – Leisure/Medium

For the “MEDIUM” riders, the ride starts at the Olympic Village, for the “LEISURE” riders, it starts at the parking lot just before the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Be prepared for uphill from just after the bridge, past Cap College to the start of the forest. Once in the forest, we will proceed at a leisurely pace along the rolling paved trail to the lookout. (If you want to race to the lookout, feel free, I’ll be there at a leisure pace.) Be prepared for some gravel riding (short) as we cross to the other side of Lynn Creek for lunch will be at the Lynn Canyon Cafe.

Meet:  Olympic Village, Terra Breads

Time: 9 AM Olympic village, 10:15 Demonstration Forest

Ride Leaders: Colin

Route: Here

Distance: 65 km