Fish and Chips!

This is a leisure ride, speed on the flats is 18 to 20km/hr.

Thought with the nice weather, would be a nice day to tour along the greenway and the Brunette River to New Westminster. The route avoids Columbia Street and Brunette by following a mellow back road. The official ride ends at 22nd St Skytrain, but a continuation down to North Fraser/Kent takes us for ice cream at Avalon Dairy.

This ride is a fundraiser to buy the ride leader fish and chips.

Route: click here,

Meet: 9:30AM at JJ Beans on Commercial

Contact: Colin 

2 Responses to “Saturday July 27 – Ride for “Fish and Chips” -Leisure!!”
  1. Dianna says:

    Sounds perfect but unfortunately that’s the day we move stuff from off-site storage back to our building. Sigh. Double sigh. Please do this one again, and we’ll be happy to sponsor the ride leader’s F&C.

  2. teresaot says:

    Thanks to Colin for leading 13 of us to Cockney King in New West. He introduced a cool route to get there too, despite the lengthy train crossing that split the group in two: the law-abiding and those less so. Welcome back to Doyle and Lewis, our snowbird friends. For pics, check out Whatsapp.

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