Update March 9-note the new lunch spot. I made reservations, so it’s important to RSVP.  

This will be a short and sweet winter ride. Note I’ve nixed the Westham Island portion, to be saved for a summer or spring day.

NB: There is currently no weekend bike shuttle through the Massey Tunnel. Options to the start point include driving, transit, bike across the Alex Fraser bridge, or carpooling.  

Forget the infernal shuttle through the Massey Tunnel! I’m starting this ride on the other side of the river, only to end up on that other dark side, the USA. This is a ride through mostly flat farmland, with hills in Tsawwassen and Point Roberts.  A food stop will be at Mario’s Kitchen in Tsawwassen.  Keep an eye on the website, as this ride is weather-dependent. If it’s raining, a cancellation will be posted by 7AM.

Parking: Town and Country charges $5 a day for parking.  There is free parking at the Delta Chamber of Commerce (6201 60 Ave) or in the industrial park next to the Shell station. The address is 6165 Highway 17A, Unit 310, Delta, V4K 5B8.

Meet: 10AM at Town and Country Inn, 6005 Hwy 17A, Delta.

Route: click here, about 60km round trip. Pace will be about 20-25km/hr on the flats.

Bring: your Nexus card or passport , CAD if you plan to buy your lunch.

RSVP the Leader and indicate whether you need or can offer a ride. I will do my best to be your ride matchmaker: Teresa



2 Responses to “Saturday March 10 – Point Roberts – Medium Ride”
  1. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the 11 riders that joined me today under sunny, clear conditions. One person rode in a T-shirt, in true human furnace form; we avoided getting too close, for fear of gamma rays. Other than a blown tire, there were no other major issues. I wasn’t pleased about the obnoxious drivers on River Rd competing with us for space as we tried to dodge the many potholes. I think a letter to council is due. Lunch at Mario’s was a step above eating in Pt Roberts and may warrant a repeat visit, as you can eat your weight in pizza there.

    Thanks to Will for sweeping, Gwyn and Faye for their carpool services, and Marty for providing a spare tire, tube, and food when needed.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QaExbpGfJrMZEP403

  2. Sharon L says:

    Loved the ride and riders. Super route and excellent choice of restaurant.Consumption of an entire LARGE pizza by 2 unnamed cyclists was impressive.
    Thanks, Teresa.

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