For fear of becoming a dotard, I’m challenging my navigation skills by combining a couple of previous rides. This ride starts in Burnaby/Coquitlam, explores the Poco Trail, winds through Pitt Meadows, Fort Langley, and ends in Surrey. I repeat, in dotard fashion, the start and end are not the same! Enjoy beautiful views of no less than 3 rivers. Be prepared to climb initially and towards the end. There is about 3km of flat, hardpacked gravel, manageable by skinny tires.  By lunch time, you’ll have earned a nice meal, at the Jolly Coachman Pub. If we do the Fort Langley section, there will be a coffee/bathroom break there too. Bring a bike in good working order, tools and spares to fix flats, your Compass card if using the Skytrain, a lock, and lunch money.

Route:  click here   It’s an 83km ride, but I may cut it short by 20km (the Fort Langley section, ironically) depending on weather, and my own lack of fitness

Meet: Lougheed Skytrain station, at 900AM.

RSVP: Teresa

Weather: ride is canceled in the event of rain, to be posted at least 2 hours before the meeting time.

3 Responses to “Monday February 12, Fort Langley 2.0 – Medium Ride”
  1. teresaot says:

    7 of us braved the elements to complete this ride in its entirety. We missed waiting for a rider at the start, but turns out he was sick at home, not cursing me for forgetting him at Lougheed Mall. Good thing, because the wind and cold would not likely have agreed with his immune system. This is a ride for the grittiest of the gritty- as proof, we shared our DIY tattoos. Some ride glitches: One rider missed a turn, but quickly rejoined the group. There was one flat and 2 missing gloves. Good thing he had spares. Thanks to Colin’s sharp eye for getting us out of Mundy Park, which eats cyclists for breakfast. Fort Langley was a veritable zoo, with line-ups out the door at the desired bakery stop, so the stop was short. The sun had brought everyone outside to enjoy it.

    Thank you to the 6 who made this such a memorable ride! This route is a keeper. Enjoy the photos:

  2. Colin S says:

    Thanks for the great ride Teresa and for arranging a great day for this time of year!

  3. teresaot says:

    Glad we could provide a warm-up to your “proper” ride, Surrey to Burnaby. Of note, Colin was the only one to bike home from King George station.

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