Update May 14: Will wants to offer an alternate start point for those who need to exercise their watermelon-carrying superpowers: 815AM at 22nd Ave Skytrain. Let Teresa or Will know if this is where you wish to start. Also, this ride is weather-dependent. Check this website 2hr before the ride for any updates if in doubt.

Surrey is full of treasures waiting to be discovered by cyclists, even its misunderstood middle child Whalley. It will be scenic, but you will have to earn it. There are several hills, one with a 10% grade. Surfaces will be a mix of pavement and hardpack gravel, sometimes on busy streets. Lunch will be at the 34-36km mark, at the Sunflower Cafe or Delrios. Come prepared with tools to fix flats, spare tubes, snacks and a water bottle. If you lose the leader and your way because you passed her 2 hours ago, you may be left on the tracks to be picked off by seagulls. I wait for people at turns, but can’t be chasing stray riders.

Meet: 9AM at King George Skytrain Station, terminus of Expo Line

Route: click here

RSVP the Leader: Teresa

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  1. teresaot says:

    Eleven intrepid riders indulged me on this gravel celebration ride around Surrey and White Rock. Some of the prettiest parts of Surrey required off-roading, which were disappointingly short-lived, so I was told. Obligatory Surrey highlights we covered include the cul-de-sac house of mirrors, coasting on the greenways under the power lines, and beach views. There was one flat. Thanks to Marty and his spare tire for saving yet another rider’s day. Delrios was nice enough to safeguard our bikes while feeding us at the same time.

    A big welcome to new rider Christine.

    Enjoy the photos, for which Glyn deserves thanks: https://photos.app.goo.gl/viDpxFP9IY4yseUA2

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