Don’t let the pictures fool you…it’s not about the beer!! Enjoy the pastoral views on quiet country roads. All the elevation is at the beginning then nothing but flat terrain…a roadie’s dream.  I am going anyways so I thought I can take some people with me. We’ll be riding to the Buck and Ear for lunch in Steveston.

Be prepared by packing adequate food, water, spare tubes and tools for the ride.

Meet:9:00 AM at Terra Breads, Olympic Village

Route:  approx. 70km, all paved

RSVP the Leader: Faye

2 Responses to “Sunday June 24 – Circumnavigate Richmond – Easy Medium”
  1. Jay C says:

    Great ride, fun to find a different way to Steveston (backwards) 🙂 . Thanks Faye for leading us on fun ride and keeping us moving when we started to dawdle. I was able to try a different restaurant in Steveston, good food and nice patio to watch our bikes. Thanks to all of the riders for making it another fun ride.

  2. Faye L says:

    The 12 of us had a fast paced ride with a slow paced meal. We were momentarily halted by the sweet aroma of ripe strawberries as it wafted from the fields. I now regret my decision not to stop at the u-pick farm!

    Thank you all for coming out. Welcome to Max who joined us for his first VBC ride.

    Some photos to commemorate the day:

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