May is  all North Shore rides, all the time. This ride is no different, starting from 6th & Arbutus then heading to West Van for some hills and big views. Perfect for the closet mountain goat. The route ends at our lunch stop in Ambleside.  Kelly and Marty will co-lead, Kelly from the front turning one way and Marty in the back yelling noooooo.

Route: click here

Meet: 9AM, 6th and Arbutus coffee shop

Leaders: Marty and Kelly

One Response to “Saturday, May 14-West Van – Hilly Medium Ride”
  1. teresaot says:

    6 of us ventured into the land of low oxygen and posh homes. Thanks to Marty, everyone had a cuesheet, yet Kelly still managed to get lost. That’s what happens when you take the wrong High Road. He’ll work on his dyslexia/myopia for future rides. We enjoyed some spectacular views and even trespassed to get some pics. Arrests were made shortly thereafter. Great food at Crema, food so fresh you wait for the meat to cure. Thanks again to Marty and Kelly for showing us a part of Vancouver we rarely see…except in magazine spreads maybe.

    Enjoy the photos:

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