Easy ride out to Queensborough Bridge along south shore of the Fraser River’s north arm, then back on the northern shore to South Indian eats for lunch arotit Dosa Corner located at (8248 Fraser Street).

No one will be left behind in our journey to great dosas and roti cannei. Mild and vegetarian options are available.

Meet:  10:00am at north end of the skytrain bridge (Kent Ave at Ash St).

Route:  From skytrain bridge, follow this route to Fraser St (approximately 30km). Keep in mind, lunch will be at the 30km mark.

Leader: Please RSVP to Teresa.

In case of inclement weather, check website by 8am and WhatsApp for possible cancellation.

4 Responses to “Sunday March 19 – Fraser River Ride to Dosa Corner (Leisure)”
  1. Dianna says:

    Thanks for sunshine at the beginning, Teresa. It’s good that we pulled out at New West because as soon as we got over the Queensboro Michael discovered that his left pedal had come unscrewed although it was attached to the cleat on his riding shoe. We rolled into Wild Rice, pedal kind of repaired, but he’ll hustle to the mechanic ASAP.

  2. Faye L says:

    Thank you Teresa for a great ride which was bookended by sunshine! Must admit, it was kinda soggy in the middle of it all. The headwinds did not help either. But hey, this is VANCOUVER people. If you want to ride, sometimes we have liquid sunshine. The stop for delicious dosas gave us a chance to thaw out for the ride home. I am totally impressed by the 26 people that turned out for this ride. It was nice to see everyone. Hope to see you all soon!

    Here are some photos from our dosa stop:

  3. teresaot says:

    We had a whopping 2 dozen plus riders out on what started out as a sunny day. Unfortunately, we were overwhelmed by a wall of grey rain. (cue Death Star music) It was a cold, sleety sort of kryptonite that drove away a dozen riders at various points of the ride. A majority completed the whole ride, and made it to the dosa restaurant. Many thanks to Marty and Toby for helping Leticia repair her flat on the Kent Ave stretch. Toby got a ribbing even though it wasn’t his flat. Sigh! Thanks also to Faye for the great photos. We look drier than we actually are. Colin’s paper dosa was like something out of a fish tale: I ate a dosa THIS BIG! A big welcome to Jordi who came on his first VBC ride.

    The weather’s been sabotaging many of our rides this winter. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The camaraderie is always welcome.

    Sorry to hear about your pedal, Michael. Hopefully we’ll see you both again soon.

  4. Cam_S says:

    Some of us had our clothing soak through, and had to skip lunch. We did the whole ride, but wanted to get home and dry out.

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