Come out to the AGM and help guide the club into the future! Vote for the board, spend club money, eat the lunch, drink the Kool-Aid. Meeting takes place at the Fraserview library and is preceded by a leisure ride. As per photo, any contraption that improves team building is welcome. Sorry groupies, but only members in good standing can vote. Anyone wanting to lead the leisure ride preceding the meeting or wanting to do a food run, let Teresa know. Food runner also gets to decide the menu. Feel free to submit any agenda items before the event. 

Update Oct 15: Colin has kindly offered to lead the ride. If you can, please bring your own dishes and utensils to reduce waste. Your landfill will thank you.

Ride Start Time and Place: 1030 at Terra Breads in Olympic Village

Please RSVP by Nov 16 so enough food can be ordered: Teresa

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  1. teresaot says:

    This was a truly pedal-powered event! Many thanks to Henry, Jill, Will and Cam for helping me to schlep food and drink on their bicycles. Food was generally well-received, thanks to a well-known Italian deli. AGM discussions were spirited and did not derail, thanks to Colin’s laser-focused chairing, allowing us to go home before dark. Kudos to the 5 members who did the ride under ominous skies that did not open up. I appreciate all 14 members who came out and participated. The club’s ready to roll for another year!

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