DUE TO MESSY WEATHER THE RIDE IS DELAYED AND SHORTENED, BUT GOING AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO RIDE TO THE MEETING. We will LEAVE at 12:30pm at Arbutus Coffee (Arbutus St. at W. 6th Ave.) and follow this route directly to Fraserview Library. We can pickup riders at Tandem Cafe (W. 16th Ave. at Heather St.) at near Queen Elizabeth Park (Ontario at W. 37th Ave). Please arrive on time, as we will not wait, which also allows you to decide to get to the meeting by transit or other means (message the group in WhatsApp if you are a few minutes away and would like to use your once per lifetime indulgence). Once you are with us we will ride a leisure pace and no one will be dropped.

Contribute to your club by coming out to the AGM: vote for the board, spend club money, eat the lunch, drink the Kool-Aid. Meeting is preceded by a leisure ride. Yes, you can wear your favourite mom jeans. Sorry groupies, but only members in good standing can vote.

Meet: 6th and Arbutus coffee shop at 11AM [Changed – see above] for the ride. [Note from Will: Naiden and I are expecting to lead the leisure ride to the meeting, but the route will adjust to reflect weather – if it is unpleasant we may meet later and ride directly to the meeting. I will post an update here (and send a message on WhatsApp) by 9:30am on Sunday, to confirm or adjust plan. Regardless of weather, I suggest you wear your “backup” mom jeans – you do not want to get bike grease on your “favourites”.]

Meeting: Fraserview branch of the Vancouver Public Library

Please RSVP by Nov 5 so enough food can be ordered: Teresa or Will


2 Responses to “Sunday November 12 – VBC Annual General Meeting [UPDATED]”
  1. Colin S says:

    Thanks Teresa for organizing and running the AGM. And Dov for stepping forward to be the new club President (for life?)

  2. teresaot says:

    Many thanks to the 16 who came out to the meeting and took an interest in the club. Some braved the weather and biked while others drove. Regardless, we came together and moved the club forward. We’re good to go for another year!

    Dov will now be referred to El Comandante. Why? Because finally getting a club president is revolutionary.

    We were showered with gifts: tattoo sleeves from Will, and tiny wrenches from Cam. How awesome is that? It’s the club that keeps on giving.

    Enjoy the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/S2vicOhq2506ghpe2

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